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Pastry lessons with the marquise, the French cake base


The marquise it is an extremely easy to prepare chocolate base, similar to sponge cake and free of flour.

The marquise is a base for gluten-free cakes ideal for celiacs who can thus enjoy all the sweet recipes where it will be used. When preparing it it is essential to avoid some mistakes such as, for example, that of not whipping the yolks and egg whites well and separately. Performing this step well allows you to give the sweet marquise a soft and spongy texture. In addition, also pay attention to cooking which must be rather fast and carried out at high temperatures using an oven tray. The marquise is widely used when you want to make cakes with different levels. In fact, usually different circles of the same size are obtained from the marquise cake on which the layers of cream or mousse are then alternated.


Preparation of the recipe for the chocolate marquise

  1. First, separate the yolks from the whites . After that, whip the latter with 400 g of powdered sugar.
  2. At first, whip only the egg whites and then start adding the icing sugar until the mixture is shiny and compact ;
  3. Now proceed, in the same way, with the yolks using the remaining part of the icing sugar.
  4. As soon as you have finished, combine the two compounds and add the rest of the ingredients, remembering to sift them so as not to create lumps .
  5. Mix everything until the ingredients are well blended. Then, pour everything into a baking sheet already lined with paper and bake at 200 ° C for 10 minutes .
  6. After cooking, turn off the oven and let it cool, leaving the door slightly open.
  7. When it is still hot, cover the surface of the marquise with granulated sugar.

Those who do not want to add bitter cocoa can decide to make the original variant by replacing the cocoa with other potato starch.


You can keep the marquise in its pan, covered with cling film, for 2 days.

If you are looking for other cake bases, try the recipe to make the perfect sponge cake.

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