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Pemphigus vulgaris, woe to mistake it for stomatitis: symptoms and treatment

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Pemphigus vulgaris can easily be mistaken for stomatitis: let's see what the causes, symptoms and treatment are.

Pemphigus vulgaris is a serious disease that was once fatal. Today, thanks to scientific research, it allows you to live quite normally, with a cure that counteracts the exacerbation of the disease. Let's see what are the causes, symptoms and treatment.

Pemphigus vulgaris: meaning, causes and symptoms

A serious autoimmune disease that affects the skin, pemphigus vulgaris can occur at any age, but is most common between the ages of 40 and 50. Being an autoimmune disease, the antibodies mistakenly attack healthy skin, generating very visible bubbles and erosions. It should be emphasized immediately that it is not contagious or transmissible. At the moment, particular risk factors have not yet been identified, but everyone agrees in emphasizing the importance of genetic predisposition .

As far as symptoms go, pemphigus vulgaris is a sneaky disease. At first, in fact, it manifests itself above all in the mouth, with painful erosions on the gums, palate and inner surface of the cheeks. In some cases, however, it begins on the conjunctival or genital mucosa. The blisters begin to appear on the epidermis weeks, if not months, after the first manifestation.

These are easily recognizable because they are fragile and break easily. The most affected areas are: armpits, groin, anogenital and periumbilical region. In addition to skin rashes, patients complain of chronic fatigue.

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Pemphigus: diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris is mainly given by the clinical observation of the patient. Then certain tests can be prescribed, such as: direct or indirect immunofluorescence, Western blot method and biopsy. Fortunately, with the advent of cortisone drugs and immunosuppressants, even if it remains a serious disease it is no longer deadly. The cure , therefore, involves taking medicines of this type by mouth or intravenously.

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