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Pennette all’arrabbiata: a real explosion of flavor with photos and video recipe

Penne all'Arrabbiata

Today we prepare penne all'arrabbiata: the traditional recipe of the typical dish of Italian cuisine, delicious and perfect for any occasion.

Good, spicy, colorful: they are pennette all'arrabbiata, a typical dish of Roman cuisine, which, as we know, gives us simply dreamy first courses. Also in this case the ingredients are few, but you will see that the final result will be able to surprise you .

It is a course indicated above all to those who love spicy notes , but also dedicated to all those who love to cook simply and following the Italian tradition . If you are among these, then come with us to the kitchen and let's get started right away: here is the photo and video recipe (and a variant) of pasta all'arrabbiata!

Penne all'Arrabbiata
Penne all'Arrabbiata

How to make penne all'arrabbiata: original recipe

Crush tomatoes for pasta all'arrabbiata

1. First of all, take the peeled tomatoes and transfer them from the packaging into a bowl. Mash them with a fork until you've made them juicy, then leave them aside.

Prepare angry pasta

2. Let's go to the pan: oil (a nice round) and peeled garlic . In the meantime, make sure that a pot full of water is already on the fire, and when the water is boiling, salt it .

Sauce for pasta all'arrabbiata

3. Put the fresh chilli pepper to taste in the pan, but remember that the spicy must be felt … otherwise, how angry she would be! Let the oil absorb the flavors well and then cover with the tomato. Cook for about 10 minutes and occasionally turn with a wooden spoon.

Add pasta to the Arrabbiata sauce and serve

4. Season the sauce with salt and pepper and then add the penne. When they are almost cooked, finish cooking together with the sauce with a little cooking water and a few fresh chopped parsley leaves. Stir in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on a low heat, remove the garlic and voilà, the dish is ready!

Serve, if you like, with a sprinkling of pecorino romano . Enjoy your meal!

If you liked this dish, then you must also try the cacio e pepe : another simple and typical Roman dish that you will love!

Penne all'arrabiata with bacon

Now let's see a delicious variant of the Arrabbiata sauce: the recipe that you can make if you want to add a touch of extra flavor is very simple and involves the addition of bacon, which goes great with tomato and chilli pepper!

First of all, we advise you to get yourself a fantastic stretched bacon , leaving alone the industrial diced one that we can find at the supermarket. Cut it into strips and let it go without condiments in the pan, then, once ready, remove it and use the cooking liquid to prepare the sauce. Once the pasta is seasoned, add it and mix!

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We recommend consuming the pasta at the moment , otherwise you can keep it in the fridge for about 1-2 days covered in transparent film.

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