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Perfect tan? Here are the secrets for a safe and healthy result

woman in the sun

Let's find out what are the secrets for a tan that is safe and perfect at the same time. Getting it is easier than you think.

With the arrival of summer, the desire to have more amber skin leads to spending several hours in the sun. This way of acting can prove counterproductive because in the long run it can be dangerous for nature. Furthermore, without the right precautions , the skin risks remaining white or burning and then peeling and losing the acquired color.
In short, to obtain a truly unique result and a tan that can be defined as perfect, it is necessary to follow some tips that we will see in detail today and which go beyond those for getting a tan quickly .
In this way, in a short time it will be possible to enjoy a homogeneous tan and, more importantly, without health risks.

The tips for a perfect and safe tan

Getting a perfect tan in a short time means acting at the right times and applying all the necessary rules for a truly optimal result.
Haste, in these cases, is always a risk because it leads to making choices that may seem immediately useful but whose results tend to vanish within a few days. Let's find out, therefore, what are the golden rules for a tan to show off throughout the summer.

woman in the sun
woman in the sun

Use sunscreen

Let's start right from the ABC which includes the use of a high protection sunscreen. This, in fact, does not prevent you from tanning as many mistakenly believe. On the contrary, it protects the skin by keeping it safe and avoiding burns which would make the newly obtained color fade within a few hours. It is therefore better to distribute the cream in the right way and without skimping. Your skin will thank you.

Expose yourself to the sun gradually

Another golden rule, always in order not to risk getting burned, peeling and losing the tan obtained, is to expose yourself to the sun gradually. This means starting with a few minutes and increasing the exposure time day by day but little by little. In this way traumas will be avoided and a natural color will be obtained which is able to last for a very long time.
In doing so, it is also good to remember never to go out in the sun during the hottest hours. The best tan is the one you get when the sun is almost invisible.

Moving under the sun

Exposing yourself to the sun does not mean standing still and feeling its warm rays on your skin. The best way to get a tan is to turn around often, take a few baths and walk. The tan will come anyway and will be more homogeneous, natural and able to last over time.

Drink a lot

It may seem strange but hydrated skin brings out the tan better, makes it appear brighter and prevents dry areas from being created where the skin could shrink or peel.
Drinking lots of water is therefore not only beneficial but also excellent for enjoying a good tan.

Eat the right foods

What you eat also affects your skin and its response to the sun's rays.
For a truly perfect tan, it is therefore necessary to choose the right foods.
These are mostly found among seasonal fruit and vegetables and specifically in carrots, tomatoes and peppers and then in apricots, peaches and melons.

By following the right tips, getting a perfect tan that will last a long time and guarantee the safety your skin needs will be easier than ever.

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