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Periostitis: what it is and how it is treated


Periostitis is inflammation of the periosteum or the fascia that surrounds the leg muscles in the tibia area. Let's find out more.

When we talk about periostitis we mean a tibial inflammation also known as tibial stress syndrome. A more common problem than you think and that affects runners more frequently. It is, in short, a rather mild and simple condition to cure as long as it does not become chronic. Situation that can occur when tibial inflammation is neglected and not treated as it should be. In this case, it may in fact be necessary to apply drugs and infiltrations aimed at treating it over time.

Anterior tibial periostitis, symptoms and causes

Common causes of tibial periostitis include muscle strain (which often occurs when running), infections, overweight, running uphill, weak ankles, smoking, and vitamin D deficiency .


It should also be taken into consideration that sportspeople are more prone to the problem and therefore runners, footballers and those who practice activities such as volleyball, basketball, etc …
Continuous stress on the legs can therefore lead to complications, which must be recognized immediately. To do this, it is sufficient to rely on the symptoms which are pain in the area, swelling and difficulty in walking.

When you are faced with these symptoms it is important to contact your doctor in order to intervene as soon as possible.

Tibial periostitis: natural remedies

Going to the remedies to be put in place, the first is certainly the rest which should last for at least three weeks. Ice can be applied to the area on the spot, holding it for 15 minutes.
The use of orthotics is also quite useful and, in more serious cases, corticosteroid infiltrations can be added.

Alternatively, the application of creams, cryotherapy, ultrasounds and exercises that can be carried out on the advice of the physiotherapist will also be fine. What matters is to act in time so as not to make the problem chronic and to intervene as soon as possible. Doing so will allow, among other things, to have to resort to stronger drugs, limiting oneself to the simplest treatments to put into practice.

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