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Pickled courgettes, the perfect preserve for the whole winter!

Pickled courgettes

Perfect as an appetizer, to fill bruschetta or to accompany second courses, pickled courgettes will keep perfectly throughout the winter!

Pickled courgette preserves are a typically summer recipe that is easy to prepare and store throughout the winter. Excellent to serve as an appetizer and possibly seasoned with salt and olive oil, or to enrich bruschetta or to accompany fish and meat main courses.

To prepare courgette pickles we recommend choosing vegetables that are not too large in order to obtain a crunchy final result! The most important phase not to be overlooked is the sterilization of the jars : you simply have to place your jars in a pan with cold water and boil for 30 minutes .

Now that you know some essential tricks, let's discover this recipe!

Courgettes and herbs for pickling preparation
Courgettes and herbs for pickling preparation

Preparing the pickled courgettes recipe

  1. Wash, cut the ends and slice the courgettes into rounds or even into sticks.
  2. Take two saucepans, boil plenty of water in one, salt it and blanch the courgettes for a few minutes (they must remain crunchy).
  3. In the second pot, put water, vinegar and salt and boil to create the brine . Wait until all the salt has completely dissolved before turning off the heat.
  4. Take previously sterilized jars and pour the vegetables and any flavorings inside (peppercorns, aromatic herbs such as fennel, chives or rosemary).
  5. Pour the hot brine inside until it completely covers the vegetables.
  6. Close the jars tightly and turn them upside down to create a vacuum .

How to prepare raw pickled courgettes

Raw pickled courgettes
Raw pickled courgettes

If you want to try preparing pickled courgettes raw, skip the 5 minute cooking process in boiling water. Place the preserved courgettes in sterilized jars together with the seasonings and the mixture of water, vinegar and salt. Close the jars and let them rest for an hour, then submerge them by 5 cm in a pan with boiling water for 20 minutes … and they are ready!

And here is a video recipe that is very close to this preparation, even if we continue to prefer the classic version, which involves blanching the vegetables:

Tips for pickled courgettes

You can flavor the jars as you prefer, some also add cloves of garlic, bay leaves and chilli pepper. Always remember to check that the vacuum is not lost: if when opening the jars the cap does not make its typical noise, do not eat the contents.


Let the pickled courgettes rest for 24 hours to obtain a stronger flavour. Store in well-sealed jars for up to 2-3 months .

You might also like to try theclassic courgettes in oil or those grilled in oil .

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