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Pigtails, ginger hair, double chignons: the coolest hairstyles of summer 2022 are on social media

girl with braid in her hair

Hair trends are also dictated by Tik Tok and Instagram: here are the hottest hairstyles and summer vibes

With the current summer, those with long hair choose to survive the heat in the most fashionable way: focusing on always different hairstyles that in recent years also lend themselves to a perfect selfie on Instagram but also to a video or a quick and easy tutorial on Tik Tok. Inspiration naturally always comes from stars, celebrities and influencers who have begun to dictate trends this year, ranging from hairstyles to colored hair, keeping up the motto that summer is freedom and therefore every look, even the hair one. , needs a pinch of madness.

Hair trends 2022: braids and pigtails, Elodie and Chiara Ferragni's inspo looks

There is no doubt that braids, large, small, classic or herringbone are the undisputed hair trend of this 2022 and a certain merit goes to Elodie : with the launch of the video of the single Tribale , the singer inaugurated the its summer with a decidedly afro look, a cascade of braids to be worn entirely loose or to be tied even in a ponytail .

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– Then, of course, there was Chiara Ferragni , who almost always focuses on a pair of braids for her holiday looks: a practical and romantic hairstyle, which gives us that summer carefree we so much need remembering when maybe as a child she was the mom to make them. But for those who always want to leave their long hair a little free, another idea to steal from Chiara are the two small high pigtails: a delicious hairstyle and always a little enfant flavor.

Colored hair and chignon: the hairstyles of J.Lo and Hailey Bieber, the nuances of Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner

Undisputed king of hairstyles, however, also this summer the chignon is confirmed, certainly the first hairstyle we immediately think of when the temperatures are particularly high: it is almost instantaneous to make one on the fly wearing an emergency hair elastic. Just recently, however, J.Lo showed us how to transform it into a hairstyle with a Latin flavor, turning the front locks into two braids that we often leave loose. More trendy than that …

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– Why stop at one bun when we can make two? This comfortable, street and oriental-style look is proudly sported by Hailey Bieber in a reel, embellished with two floral white elastic bands: a look that makes us dream of already being on vacation. But her friend Kendall Jenner also thinks to dictate other trends in terms of colors, who recently showed off a delicate and bright auburn to summer proof.

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– A very natural overall color that could soon contend with the latest one just sported by Dua Lipa , decidedly more daring and crazy: a bright fuchsia ready to shock and certainly to find many consents, since this is the summer of color block.

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