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Pimples in the private parts, from prevention to remedies: here’s what you can do

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Why do pimples appear on the private parts? Let's see what the causes are and, above all, if effective natural remedies are known to treat them.

Pimples in the private parts can appear for various reasons and can reach the size of a golf ball. Let's see what the causes are and, above all, if there are effective natural remedies to prevent and counteract them after their appearance.

Pimples in private parts: causes and symptoms

Just as they appear on other parts of the body, pimples can also affect the private parts . They are really annoying and, in some cases, painful. Technically called vulvar furunculosis, it can occur in the whole area of ​​the vagina, including the labia majora and minora. Generally, they are caused by hair removal, either with razor or wax. In other cases, however, the pimples are triggered by staph which infects the sacs containing the roots of hair follicles and pubic hair. Other determining factors are: being overweight, poor hygiene, clothing that is too tight and some pathologies such as diabetes .

Vaginal pimples can be both under the skin and visible, complete with a bump – which can reach the size of a golf ball – filled with white or yellow pus. Usually, the bigger they are, the greater the pain will be, but in some cases, women do not report any discomfort. The symptoms are those of all other pimples: redness, swelling, pain to the touch, sensation of a foreign body and the presence of pus. In most cases, don't be alarmed because they break by themselves and disappear as they came. Sometimes manual intervention is necessary, while surgery is rarely necessary.

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Pimples in private parts: prevention and remedies

Whether it's pimples on the labia majora or small, don't panic. They can almost always be treated comfortably from home, without having to seek help from the gynecologist. Obviously, you need to be patient and be prepared to experience some discomfort because this part of the body is highly sensitive. Without a doubt, the first solution is to apply a warm compress on the affected area 4 times a day. In this world we are going to favor the leakage of pus.

When this happens, cover the area with sterile gauze. Alternatively, you can try some effective natural remedies: dividivi fruits, black pepper and pungent alternanthera. All three can be used to prepare an excellent infusion with which to make wraps or classic washes.

To prevent pimples on the private parts, however, remember not to wear too tight and synthetic clothing, do not use perfumed detergents, suspend the use of latex contraceptives, always keep the pubic area clean and as dry as possible and avoid douching. Last but fundamental recommendation : never squeeze the pimple because the internal liquid is infected and could also inflame nearby areas.

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