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Pink clay, miracle product for skin and hair: the best recipe for the mask

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Pink clay is a product that has been used since the dawn of time. Let's find out its properties, uses and the recipe for a face mask.

What is pink clay used for? Miraculous for the skin and hair, this natural remedy has been known and used since ancient times. Let's find out its properties, main uses and the best recipe to make a DIY face mask.

Pink clay for the face: properties

Pink clay, known since the dawn of time, boasts properties that are worth knowing: purifying, exfoliating, remineralizing, soothing and healing. Composed mainly of silica and alumina, it also contains other minerals, such as: silicon, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, fluorine, copper, manganese and zinc. Obtained from the mixture of the red variety with the white, pink clay is a miraculous product for the well-being of skin and hair. It is perfect for those with sensitive, dry, dehydrated and fragile skin. It has no contraindications, so it is also suitable for children. Its constant use allows to obtain several benefits: it improves the skin color, soothes redness (including those caused by couperose), absorbs excess sebum, removes impurities and stimulates circulation.

After seeing the properties of pink clay , let's see where to buy it. Today it can be found on the market almost everywhere, especially in herbalists and shops that sell organic products. Alternatively, you can also buy it online. There are several specialized sites that sell all existing varieties of clay.

Pink clay mask: how is it done?

To prepare a pink clay face mask you need to mix two tablespoons of clay, a teaspoon of honey and a little plain water. The mixture must be homogeneous and not too liquid, so add the water slowly. Let it rest for a few minutes and apply to the previously cleansed face. Leave on for fifteen minutes and then remove with a damp cloth. Finally, rinse with cold water, in order to tone the skin, and apply the moisturizer you usually use for your beauty routine. Of course, this recipe can also be used for hair, leaving it on before shampooing for at least 30 minutes.

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