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Piperine for weight loss: what is it and what are its benefits?

black pepper

Piperine is a substance contained in black pepper, which has excellent slimming properties and numerous other benefits for the body.

What is piperine? It is an alkaloid contained on the surface of black peppercorns , and it is the one that gives the typical spicy flavor to this spice. In short, a very common substance, which, however, has been underestimated for a long time. Not many people know that it has many beneficial properties for our body, and that it is even an ally to fight overweight and obesity . Let’s find out how piperine works for weight loss and how to use it to make its many benefits effective.

Piperine: does it work for weight loss? The benefits

Among the benefits of piperine, those in favor of the gastrointestinal tract stand out. It is an excellent remedy to aid digestion and to stimulate the intestinal tract, therefore useful in case of constipation . More generally, this substance strengthens the digestive system, accelerating the production of gastric juices .

In fact, the spicy taste of piperine stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn sets in motion a whole series of mechanisms that facilitate the digestive process . But even better known, especially in recent years, are its slimming properties .

black pepper
black pepper

Piperine has a thermogenic action that allows you to burn fat more easily, thus reducing the adipose layer and slowing the formation of new fat cells. In addition to stimulating the metabolism, piperine induces a sense of satiety and therefore makes it easier to follow a correct and low-fat diet.

On the market there are several food supplements containing piperine, which are commonly known as piperine forte, which when used in combination with a healthy diet and some sporting activity help to lose weight. To get the maximum benefits from these products, remember to carefully follow the doses indicated on the package, after consulting with a specialized doctor.

In addition, food supplements that combine piperine and curcumin for weight loss are very popular. In fact, this spice also has excellent slimming properties, as it helps to dispose of fats and promotes the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Piperine for weight loss: opinions

As for strong piperine, opinions are different. There are those who say and demonstrate that, as already mentioned, this substance has a strong thermogenic effect on the body, a greater production of heat that involves a greater consumption of energy by our body. It also stimulates the basal metabolism. It also acts on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of fat cells .

black pepper
black pepper

Others think that it is just a waste of money to buy these supplements, even if they seem to work for weight loss, always if taken in the right doses and not too high.

Other properties of piperine

It would appear that piperine has another benefit in addition to slimming and digestive properties: studies have found antioxidant effects and effects that facilitate skin pigmentation . The use of the alkaloid in creams and lotions is increasingly present in the INCI of the ingredients of many brands and for the treatment of vitiligo.

The substance is also a basic element of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient medical system aimed at lengthening and improving life which, however, does not seem to have a scientific basis.

Strong piperine: side effects and contraindications

The side effects of piperine forte are of no concern if taken correctly. An abuse of this substance can give various contraindications such as gastrointestinal problems, irritation of the gastric mucosa and heartburn. You should also pay attention to any interactions with other medications you are taking, and always ask for your doctor’s advice before starting to use a dietary supplement.

Strong Piperine is bad for pregnant and breastfeeding people, pepper allergy sufferers, and people who have gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux , ulcers, hemorrhoids, or hypertension.

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