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Pizza, Chips, and 8 Other Addictive Foods (And You Should Avoid)

junk food

There are some foods that, in addition to being unhealthy, can cause a real addiction. Let's find out what they are and learn how to avoid them.

When it comes to food, resisting some foods can be really difficult. Usually, as we all well know, these are really delicious foods for the palate but harmful to health. Just think of sodas and french fries. If you too can't stop eating junk food in any way, know that the fault is not yours, but the presence of addictive substances.
Some US studies have shown that foods rich in sugars, fats and salt (and even more those that contain a mix of all three elements) activate the same mechanisms of
drug addiction. In particular, a study by the American neuroscientist Nicole Avena, published in Time and PLoS One, led to a list of 10 addictive foods. Obviously, the research was based on the American diet, so some foods, such as pizza for example, are prepared differently than in Italy. Let's see what they are anyway.

All foods that are addictive

When it comes to nutrition, understanding what's right to eat is essential to keep fit. Even more important is understanding which foods should be limited to the maximum due to the effect they have on the psyche and the body.

junk food
junk food

Among those considered most harmful, according to American standards and the food that is prepared there, are:

1. Pizza. Pizza, with its mix of carbohydrates and fats, is the most addictive food of all.

2. French fries. Even chips, both freshly fried and bagged, are addictive, because they are rich in carbohydrates (potatoes), fat (oil in which they are fried) and salt.

3. Chocolate. No one can resist chocolate , just eat a small piece to never stop. Sugars and tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, the good mood hormone, are to blame.

4. Ice cream. Even in winter, resisting a cup of ice cream is very difficult, especially if it's chocolate.

5. Fried chicken. It's not a dish that we Italians eat often, but Americans are addicted to fried chicken and there's a reason: the fats of the meat are added to those of the breading and the oil used for frying. Also add plenty of salt and the "drug" is ready!

6. Gummies. Has anyone ever been able to stop after their first gummy? We doubt it, since they are fat and full of sugar.

7. Bacon. Another typically American addiction: very fat bacon.

8. Cheese. Cheese, like chocolate, contains tryptophan. That's why it's impossible to stop eating it!

9. Carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks are addictive not only because they are rich in sugars, but also because, being liquid, they do not give the same satiety as solid foods.

10. Bread. On this no one beats us Italians: we can't say no to bread!

Obviously among these foods there are also healthy ones such as, for example, dark chocolate. Others, such as bread, cheese or pizza are good for you when eaten in the right measure. Reason why, knowing the foods that are addictive does not mean abolishing them completely from the diet but learning to eat them without giving in to the temptation to exceed.

Addictive foods: the risks

It is not difficult to imagine what consequences addiction to the foods listed above can have and, in particular, to the more harmful ones such as gummy candies. It is almost always junk food or in any case rich in carbohydrates and fats, which if consumed in excess make you fat .
Excessive consumption, therefore, leads straight to overweight . Better to detox slowly by reducing portions and learning to enjoy them as part of a healthy and varied diet.

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