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Practical and comfortable, like matching knee-high boots

Heeled boots

They look good on everyone, from rainy to more sophisticated models below the knee boots are the most versatile shoes ever

Raise your hand if you don't have at least one pair to wear every season! The boots below the knee, from the evergreen models in leather to those in rainproof galoshes style passing through the more sophisticated ones in suede, everyone likes them and there are not at least two reasons. The first is that they are really easy to put on, just put them on directly or pull up the zip, the second is that they look good on everyone, you just need to pay attention to a few details to make the most of them.

Below-the-knee boots: who they look good on and how to choose the perfect model

Compared to cuissardes, decidedly more enveloping like a stocking and which can sometimes be too tight if you have a more pronounced thigh, classic under-the-knee boots bring everyone together precisely because they are designed to adapt to everyone's body.

Black boots

When choosing a model, however, pay attention to the upper: try them on more than once to understand if the one you have chosen is suitable for you, if it fits comfortably especially if you plan to wear them every day. Generally the leggings are proportionate to the shoe size, the smaller the number the tighter and lower the leg will be.

Naturally, be careful also to choose the right heel thinking about your needs and without overdoing it, your gait will depend on it! If you are not used to high and thin heels, we are referring above all to stilettos, and you need a casual shoe, you can still choose a high heel but better straight, rectangular or even squared if you are looking for something particular. Models with sophisticated heights, better to relegate them only to parties and special occasions, where we can only suffer for a while!

summer look with boots

Also be careful to choose knee-high boots that enhance you, do not underestimate any detail. There are models that, for example, tend to highlight a protruding knee, too thin legs or large calves. So let's choose a model that makes us feel in harmony with ourselves according to our taste and our sensitivity.

How to wear below-the-knee boots: romantic, sporty, elegant

Not only do they look good on everyone, but they look good on everything: casual, elegant, sporty looks, with the simplest, decorated, precious, sophisticated textures, a collection of boots can tell a lot about us. However, the passepartout model that wins in winter are undoubtedly those in suede.

Women's suede boots

A little romantic with a miniskirt, a little sporty with skinny or flared jeans, leaving only the toe visible, they are the right impetus you need to start a day right or enjoy your free time in a comfortable and enveloping fit to the point right. Among the evergreen models, the Harley Davidson-style leather ones should not be underestimated, to give a motorc yle touch to your look.

In reality, having just one pair is not enough because there are so many proposals: lace-ups, covered entirely with rhinestones , are the most sophisticated models that reveal all the elegance that this model is capable of unleashing, together with a good dose of sensuality. Stiletto heel, soft upper and storm of rhinestones, are the ones to show off at parties and dance parties.

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