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Practical guide on how to use the air fryer in the perfect way!

How to use the air fryer

Here's what you need to know about how to use the air fryer for a perfect result, including tips and mistakes to avoid.

The air fryer, also known as an airfryer , is an appliance that is becoming more and more popular in Italian homes. The reasons for the success is the practicality with which you can cook thanks to it and the very short cooking times .

With this appliance, you can cook while avoiding waste and mess in the kitchen. In a very easy and fast way, you can obtain dishes that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, as well as healthier . By cooking only with the action of air – and without oil – the dishes are much healthier and contain very little fat.

Although it is called a fryer, this appliance is nothing more than a small electric oven. It manages to cook thanks to the fan that allows the diffusion of hot air and this makes any type of food soft.

If you too want to give in to the practicality of this appliance, follow the brief guide on how to use the air fryer at best, at home.

How to use the air fryer
How to use the air fryer

Tips on how to use the air fryer and mistakes to avoid

Before starting, it is advisable to read the instructions for each appliance, because there are so many models with different characteristics. When you buy one, it's a good idea to wash it carefully, so that the plastic doesn't spoil the taste of the food. Also, carry out a first cooking without food, to test the proper functioning of the fan. After these initial checks, proceed to cooking, following a few rules.

  1. In some cases, you will need to preheat your air fryer . Especially if you insert large foods, or in large quantities, the temperature must be hot right from the start. A fillet of meat that is too thick, for example, needs more heat to cook.
  2. Before filling it, always grease the basket . A very little oil is enough, to be spread throughout the container, for better cooking. In this way, the food does not stick to the inner walls and is more crunchy.
  3. The fundamental advice, on how to use the air fryer, is not to overfill the basket . Try not to overlap foods and not to crowd them. During cooking, the hot air must circulate freely and reach the entire surface of the food.
  4. For this same reason, it is essential to use the grill provided. This piece allows for uniform circulation of air, also passing through the bottom surface.
  5. Another important precaution is to shake the basket during cooking . In this way, you can stir the contents or turn the food, allowing the air to reach each side.

What to cook in the air fryer

As we have already explained, the deep fryer does not fry (or at least not always), but cooks using hot air . It can be used as a practical, small-sized convection oven in which to heat a dish that has already been cooked. Commonly, this appliance is used to fry frozen and pre-cooked foods in a healthier way. Breaded foods, fries and anything that requires frying gets healthier here.

But in this appliance you can cook much more. Use it for vegetables that you would normally grill, such as zucchini, peppers or eggplants; it is, above all, indicated for dishes that require dry heat, such as roast dishes . Whether it's meat or fish, here you can cook or roast everything.

The air fryer is also used for desserts . Like the oven, you can use it to bake muffins and other soft dough treats; suitable for preparations in shortcrust pastry and also in puff pastry, you just have to pay attention to the specific instructions. And don't forget that you can also bake and reheat bread in this small appliance!

To learn more about this appliance, read all the benefits associated with using the air fryer .

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