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Prada revolutionizes high jewelery and launches the first collection in recycled gold

Gold jewelry

Not only clothing, but also jewelry looks to a sustainable revolution. Prada is the first brand to trigger the revolution

Fashion addicted more aware, attentive, who want to buy clothing and accessories but without impacting the environment. Fashion sees and provides, this time also in the bijoux sector and in particular in high jewelery : Prada is today the first maison in the production of high jewelery to reverse the trend and move towards sustainability . A minimal, precious, classic collection, made entirely of recycled gold and traceable diamonds, which in taste and concept looks to the perspective of Gen Z, thus also moving and revolutionizing the way of luxury.

“Eternal Gold”: the new Prada jewels combine luxury and sustainability

They would seem two terms that are irreconcilable with each other and instead Prada shows how they can go hand in hand. The desire of high jewelery has always been to create eternal pieces, lasting over time and that is their greatest guarantee, the highly prized manufacture that also requires the relevant price. With the awareness of these intentions, the totally recycled gold collection by Prada was born, certified and compliant with the standards of the Chain of Custody established by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

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“All stages of the chain for the responsible production of gold and diamonds are verifiable and traceable, an exclusive prerogative that is not offered by any other luxury jewelry or fashion house in the world. The recycled gold comes from sources such as industrial gold and used jewelry and suppliers follow all the highest industry standards in terms of human rights, occupational safety, environmental impact and business ethics ", Timothy Iwata, Prada Jewerly Director, pointed out. , focusing on the uniqueness of the collection. In fact, through the Aura Consortium Blockchainc platform it is possible to trace and verify the authenticity of the jewels.

Minimal concepts, archetypes and exceptional testimonials

Prada is particularly interested in the choice of ambassadors, who generally share and fully embrace the concept behind each product launched by the maison so for a collection that has the scope of an event, Prada has chosen the American poet and activist as its iconic testimonial. Amanda Gorman , along with American model actress and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke , daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, and Canadian-born Korean musician Somi Jeon .

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Young and contemporary faces that tell a minimal collection but with a classic vocation. The distinctive feature is of course the triangle , the maison's iconic symbol, but also the choice – in full Prada style – to take up archetypes of jewelry, such as snakes, hearts, chains and chockers, revisiting them. The originality, however, expresses its maximum in the choice of transforming the clasp not into a simple closing hook of a necklace but the center, closed by a smooth triangle on one side and with brilliants pave on the other. Therefore unconventional jewels, classic but at the same time innovative in manufacturing and design. For the price, you travel from 1500 upwards.

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