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Preparing a good boiled stockfish is child’s play: find out the recipe right away

Boiled stockfish

The boiled stockfish recipe is perfect for all those who want to avoid any cooking problems of the stockfish, while preserving its goodness.

Preparing boiled stockfish is one of the easiest recipes there is, but this doesn't mean you should take it lightly. First of all, the first steps of preparation depend on the type of raw material that you decide to use which is always cod, but depending on the production process you can find cod or stockfish in your hands. Stockfish is produced in Norway, it is dried and for this it must be soaked before using it.

How long should the soak take specifically? Indicatively it takes at least two days for rehydration . The unsalted cod, on the other hand, must soak for no less than 4 days , changing the water regularly once a day. Once this first phase is finished, you can proceed directly with cooking . Why are we offering you a recipe like this? You should know that stockfish can be paired with any kind of side dish, from potatoes to vegetables in general. Here's how to proceed!

Boiled stockfish
Boiled stockfish

Preparation of boiled stockfish

  1. First, take the stockfish, rehydrate it, rinse it one last time under running water, then put the fish in a high-sided saucepan .
  2. Cover with water, put on the fire, wait for the water to reach the boiling point then wait two minutes and turn off the heat. Drain the stockfish and transfer it directly to a serving dish.
  3. Season with oil, black pepper, herbs and lemon juice to taste. You can serve boiled stockfish with potatoes or vegetable side dishes as you like.


Stockfish prepared as indicated above can be stored in the refrigerator covered with cling film for 1-2 days .

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