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Preventing cancer: the ideal foods

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In addition to having important health benefits, following a healthy diet can help prevent cancer. Let's find out which foods are the most effective.

We often wonder if there are ways to fight or prevent cancer . This disease, very common, is in fact among the most feared there is. Although the causes are still almost completely unknown, it is increasingly known that a correct lifestyle and healthy eating can change things. As is the case with hypertension, type 1 and 2 diabetes and other diseases, there are in fact some foods that seem to have the ability to counteract the onset of cancer cells. Choosing the right ones can therefore help to live better and play all possible cards to try to keep cancer and other diseases away.

Foods suitable for preventing cancer

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the first weapons to defend health and to avoid the onset of even serious illnesses. In the case of cancer, the foods that prove to be beneficial in the fight against cancer are diverse. Let's find out which are the main ones.

diet woman
diet woman

There are so many foods that, in addition to being good for health, are useful for preventing or counteracting cancer while it is being treated. Among the most important, the tomato undoubtedly stands out, which is rich in lycopene , an active compound that reduces the incidence of cancer. In particular of the prostate , lungs and digestive tract.

Another ingredient that many already know as healthy is turmeric . Ideal spice to hinder many diseases because, in addition to being an anti-tumor , it is also anti-inflammatory , hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and so on. Turmeric has been shown to be ideal for preventing ovarian , breast , liver and stomach cancers.

Wheat may help prevent pancreatic, stomach, breast and colon cancer. Its components accelerate intestinal transit and help eliminate carcinogenic substances that may be present in the digestive tract. This, however, must be of the integral type as it is rich in fibre. Rye is also considered a valuable food and can help prevent cancer.

Going to the superfoods, ginger is highly recommended especially for prostate and breast diseases, as it has anti-inflammatory properties and benefits. It is also a rhizome that has the ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate the metabolism.

Another valuable food is undoubtedly broccoli which has sulforaphane which is a component scientifically recognized as a chemo protective agent against cancer. To it are added green leafy vegetables such as spinach , cabbage and cabbage which have substances such as lutein and zeaxanthin which reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Garlic is also perfect for fighting cancer and with it, more generally, all foods with vitamins C and E. These should therefore be integrated in the best way in everyday nutrition.

It is also good to remember that in all cases of foods that require cooking, the advice is to prefer steamed ones or those that don't take too long. As for condiments, on the other hand, oil is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients . These are essential to avoid oxidation and the formation of free radicals which cause the onset of tumours.

And then, we must not forget the beans, which in addition to the fibers boast a high content of fiber and omega 3 , essential to help in the fight against cancer and, even more so, in prevention. Obviously, other legumes also prove to be useful and more than ever suitable for good health.

Drinks to prevent cancer

Even drinks can prove to be a godsend in the fight against cancer. A good example is aloe vera juice which is perfect for attacking and preventing, especially, the incipient stage of lung and pancreatic cancer. Furthermore, it also has a great positive effect on the immune system and is generally good for health.

Red wine contains polyphenols and resveratrol . These are excellent allies to fight cancer cells and prevent their onset. Obviously it should always be consumed in moderation. One glass a day will in fact be more than enough to make its contribution.

Following a healthy diet focused on well-being is certainly the best way (together with maintaining a healthy lifestyle) to prevent or cure cancer. In this way, in fact, it will be possible to better enjoy a stronger body and therefore able to keep the disease away. If this is already present, the right diet can instead keep the body strong and able to react better during treatment.

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