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Private health care: what are the guarantees of assistance it provides?

health care

There is an increasing number of people who consider it essential to have someone they can count on and who – in times of need – is ready to assist you in the most complete way possible. And no, we are not talking about a trusted friend, but private healthcare.

There are many companies that have chosen to include this type of product in their offer, such as AXA for example. Let's see in detail all the services you can count on if you decide to subscribe to private healthcare.

A doctor available 24 hours a day to evaluate symptoms

With private health care , you have the opportunity to receive medical consultations and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

health care

An efficient medical transport

If the diagnosis is confirmed and you need to go to the hospital , with private health assistance you will be able to benefit from numerous facilities (with and without agreements) that will grant you an appointment as quickly as possible.

And in case of need, to reach these facilities you can count on a special means of transport to guarantee your transfer to the healthcare institution in complete safety.

Telemonitoring service

If, on the other hand, after hospitalization or surgery, you have to continue your hospitalization at home, you don't have to worry: they will take care of all the services offered by supplementary health care. Thanks to a kit to detect vital parameters, it allows you to remotely monitor your health condition and have a doctor's feedback always available

Further assistance

If you live alone and have no way to travel, you can count on home services thanks to which you can receive the medicine you need directly to your home. If you need to move to run errands or a visit to a specialized facility, a private driver or medical transport will be at your complete disposal for the transfer.

Do you have a family to take care of? Are you a mum or dad who, after an injury, is no longer able to look after their children or your pet? Also in this case, the services offered by supplementary health care will come to your rescue, which will take care to entrust your children or your dog to the expert and loving care of babysitters or dog sitters .

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