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Properties and benefits of mushrooms – that’s why we should eat them


Mushrooms: the health benefits and all the main properties of one of the symbolic foods of the autumn months.

As we all know, fungi are a kingdom of eukaryotic, unicellular and multicellular organisms among the most varied and resistant among those present on our planet. More than 700 thousand species are known, but it is likely that there are also several million, which have changed over the millennia. Dangerous or delicious , they are often used in cooking thanks to the unique and inimitable flavor of some varieties, but also for their important benefits. Since ancient times, not surprisingly, they have also often been used as medicines. Let's find out what their main properties and benefits are.

Mushrooms: properties and benefits

Mushrooms are a great ingredient for any dish. They can be added to salads, pasta, pizzas and much more. They can be cooked in a variety of ways, so there is definitely one to enjoy them that you will love. They are also a good source of nutrition . High in protein and low in calories, they are a great choice for people looking for a healthy snack.


In fact, mushrooms have many benefits that make them a fundamental ingredient to add to our dishes, especially in autumn and in the colder months. In particular:

– they are a source of antioxidants ;

– contain vitamins and minerals;

– they are low in calories;

– they are a source of dietary fiber ;

– they are also suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet;

– have anti- inflammatory properties;

– help improve heart and brain health.

The use of mushrooms in medicine

Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for centuries. Indeed, even today some of these organisms are used as natural remedies for various health conditions. In addition to the benefits due to the presence of essential vitamins and minerals for our body, some types of mushrooms are specific to certain problems. Reishi , for example, are famous for their immunostimulating properties, while cordyceps for their anti-inflammatory properties. Still others, such as chaga and turkey tail, are said to be used in medicine for their anticancer properties.

The benefits of some types of mushrooms

After providing a general overview of the properties of mushrooms, let's now look at the detail of some of the most famous types . Such as porcini mushrooms , useful for counteracting free radicals, strengthening the immune defenses or counteracting the symptoms of anemia. Or the mushrooms , which are rich in minerals such as potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus, as well as vitamins of the B and D groups, and help regulate the functioning of the intestine. Without forgetting the eggs and their plastic, anti-anemic and revitalizing properties, or the nails , which are among the richest species of potassium.

And then again portobello mushrooms, among the largest and fleshiest mushrooms, but also among the healthiest, being rich in vitamins B and C and potassium (in even greater quantities than in bananas), reasons that make them particularly suitable for people diabetics.

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