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Protein in urine during pregnancy: what they indicate and how to act

pregnant woman

Among the conditions that may exist when you are pregnant there are proteins in the urine during pregnancy: let's find out what it means.

When we talk about protein in urine during pregnancy, we mean an anomalous value and that it is very important to keep under control in order not to run any risks. Although it is in fact a value that is often fleeting, the continued presence over time can cause problems that are best avoided. So here's what you need to know about this problem , also known as proteinuria in pregnancy, and how to act when it arises.

What do traces of protein in urine during pregnancy mean?

Let's start by saying that there should never be traces of protein in urine.

pregnant woman
pregnant woman

When this happens, based on the values, it could therefore be in the presence of a malfunction of the kidneys and their filtering function. However, this is an aspect that can only be evaluated by the doctor. And this is because during pregnancy and within certain limits, their presence can be considered normal.

As for the causes, these can be diabetes , taking medication or heavy metal intoxication.

How to act in case of high protein values ​​during pregnancy

Faced with a situation of proteinuria in pregnancy, the values ​​are an important reference for understanding how to move. These range from 0.26 to 0.5. If higher than 0.5 g , on the other hand, they are to be considered in excess and, therefore, a possible risk such as, for example, that of preeclampsia.

In case of similar problems it is therefore important to change the way you eat, limiting both protein and salt intake. Fried foods, sweets and alcohol should also be limited, while a healthy diet based on whole carbohydrates or fruit and vegetables should be encouraged.

Obviously, in case of high proteins in the blood, the doctor will evaluate the actual risks. And this according to the general conditions. The advice is therefore to follow his opinion and any treatment prescribed. In this way it will be easier to stay healthy, return to normal values ​​​​and avoid pregnancy complications.

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