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Psychosomatic sore throat and cough: here’s what they are and how to solve them

sore throat

Sore throat or nervous cough could be problems resulting from anxiety and stress: here is their psychological meaning.

With the arrival of winter, we know that the classic seasonal ailments also arrive. Dropping temperatures and short, cold days can lead to us developing quite annoying ailments, such as severe sore throats, coughs and flu, which limit our daily lives. What many people don't know, however, is that respiratory disorders such as coughs and sore throats do not always have an organic cause.

When you get sick, you always think that the cause is given by a virus or a cold snap, and this is very often the case, but it is also possible that in some cases these problems – especially if they are frequent and last a long time – have a psychosomatic origin . What does it mean? This term indicates the link between a disease and its psychological meaning. Basically, what happens in our heads, between anxiety and worry, is reflected in a physical discomfort. So let's see what can be the psychic cause of problems such as cough and sore throat.

When is a sore throat psychosomatic?

The throat, and in particular the pharynx, indicates the passage that carries air from the outside to the lungs, but also food and liquids to the stomach. One can think of this area as a real "middle ground" which acts as a passage between the outside and the inside, but also between the head and the body. Throat pain, with possible enlargement of the tonsils, can be a psychosomatic symptom due to anxiety and can mean the difficulty in accepting a passage or a transformation , accentuated by a strong sense of duty which is in contrast with a profound insecurity.

This type of malaise can also be connected to the sphere of communication , and more specifically to the difficulty of communicating one's thoughts serenely. Everything that we are unable to express remains as if "stuck" in the throat, giving rise to the classic symptoms of psychosomatic sore throat.

A sore throat can also be caused by stress, although more often this problem manifests itself with a constant weight on the throat. We are talking about the so-called hysterical bolus , or the sensation of having a foreign body which makes it difficult (and sometimes painful) to swallow. In this case our body indicates the inability to accept something that we feel obliged to make us go well even if we don't want to. The more stressed we are, the bigger this bolus will seem and we will feel pain. It is important to trace the root cause of this evil, try to solve the psychological problems that afflict us, this will help us get back to health and safeguard our psychophysical well-being.

Nervous cough

Have you been feeling the need to cough for some time, even if there is no trace of phlegm to expel? In this case it could be a nervous cough. This ailment is a natural defense mechanism for our body that turns into a tool to release the pressure accumulated in the chest.

This pesky cough can have many different meanings and is also called an " irritating cough ", precisely because it is as if we are irritated by something that we cannot explain but which needs to be thrown out.

sore throat and cough
sore throat and cough

For some it may be caused by a need to get something out that can't be said, to let out a protest or complaint that it would be unwise to voice out loud. In other cases, especially when it concerns children , it is a way to make yourself heard and to show yourself despite strong insecurities. Very often it is a way to make one's presence felt and to attract the attention of others, as if to say "Hey, I'm here too!" or it could mean anger at someone or something you can't deal with. The irritative cough can also be accompanied by clearing of the voice and can become a real nervous tic that is accentuated in times of stress.

Loss of voice

Even the loss of voice can have psychosomatic origins. When you go through a period of profound emotional and psychological fatigue , it could happen that the vocal cords also get "tired" as a result, leading to a sudden drop in voice up to total aphonia. This forced silence could be useful for studying one's inner life and understanding what led to the birth of this disorder.

How to fight psychosomatic disorders

How to cure psychosomatic sore throat? Bach flowers can be used to counteract this disorder. If you have trouble saying no, you can try Centaury : it is a natural remedy that helps relieve inferiority complexes and increases self-esteem, developing the ability to express one's opinion. Agrimony , on the other hand, can be a relief if you have a tendency to withdraw into yourself and hide from problems.

The Crab Apple flower, or wild apple, is used to purify the body by eliminating viruses and toxins. This flower is useful in case we need to free ourselves from a negative emotion hidden in our unconscious.

To combat a nervous cough, try some warm teas that relieve the urge to cough and soothe a sore throat. Chamomile has calming and sedative properties, while hawthorn has an important relaxing action. Valerian and passion flower can also help, especially if the pesky cough occurs in the evening before going to bed.

In addition to these numerous natural remedies, to combat psychosomatic disorders, these being caused by a psychological malaise, the most useful thing to do is to contact a professional . A course of therapy helps to regain one's mental well-being. This is a long journey that must be tackled without prejudice because only in this way can it have the desired effects.

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