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Pubic hair removal: here’s what you need to know

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Shaving pubic hair or not is a question that many people ask themselves. Let's take a look at what is important to know in order to decide the right way.

When people think about pubic hair and its importance, it's usually about whether or not to get rid of it. In fact, it very rarely happens that you find yourself thinking about their actual function . Yet even the presence of hair in intimate areas has a very specific purpose that it is important to know, especially before deciding whether to eliminate it permanently. So let's try to deepen the topic by discovering what they are for and what are the reasons why intimate hair should not be eliminated.

What is pubic hair for?

Let's start by trying to understand what these hairs are actually for.

women's underwear
women's underwear

One of the primary functions is in fact that which concerns the protection of intimate areas. In fact, the hair helps to avoid certain bacteria, avoiding the risk of infections.

Furthermore, in the case of intimate relationships they act as a "shock absorber" preventing rubbing and the like from irritating the skin. Among their main functions there is also that linked to thermoregulation . In winter, in fact, they help keep the area warm.

The reasons why hair removal in intimate areas is contraindicated

Going to pubic hair and why it shouldn't be eliminated, there are just as many reasons that are worth considering before acting. The first and, perhaps, the most important is the one related to the risk of infections . By removing the hair, the risk of contracting it is in fact much higher.

Even the risk of finding yourself struggling with ingrown hairs, both in intimate areas and in the groin , is a good reason to at least avoid full hair removal and to this is added the positive effect they can have from an attractive point of view. Not everyone, in fact, finds them unpleasant to see, on the contrary.

And if the problem is that of wanting to feel fresher and cleaner, there is the possibility of simply shortening them, thus avoiding depilation and all the risks it may entail. In this way you will still feel tidy, you will be able to wear a swimsuit without problems and you will avoid the many inconveniences described above.

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