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Puffy face in the morning? Here are the natural and effective remedies

swollen face in the morning

Having a swollen face in the morning is a rather common problem. Let's find out what it depends on and what are the natural solutions to put into practice.

Waking up early in the morning and noticing that your face is swollen is never pleasant. Yet it is a problem that affects everyone sooner or later and has different causes.
Among the many there are dehydration , unbalanced diet , alcohol abuse, hormonal imbalances, seasonal or food allergies, etc…
It follows that, the first thing to do, if the swelling is excessive, is to consult a doctor to rule out any problems related to diseases or allergies on which it is necessary to intervene quickly. If, on the other hand, it is a swelling that occurs often and does not have medical problems, it is important to try to understand its origins first of all in order to implement the most suitable solution.
Often, in fact, it is enough to correct the diet, sleep more, hydrate better and avoid certain foods, to deflate the face in a completely natural way.
To all this you can then add habits and natural remedies that can make a difference.

Natural remedies for swollen face in the morning

Contrasting the swollen face with natural products that you normally have at home is simple and immediate. You will also be sure of acting in a healthy way , bringing benefits to the skin thanks to the properties inherent in many ingredients. What matters is, not just implementing a temporary solution but also looking for the cause. Only in this way will it be possible to avoid having to periodically fight with this problem. Having said that, having remedies that you can use as a beauty "first aid" is always useful and certainly relaxing for those who know they have to go out soon, perhaps for an important commitment.

swollen face in the morning
swollen face in the morning

Ice packs

In case of a swollen face upon awakening, a remedy that is certainly simple to put into practice and able to bring about immediate effects is to apply ice .
This must be wrapped in a cloth which will then be applied to the face either by dabbing it or leaving it on for a few minutes and then moving it slowly over the entire surface that appears more swollen. The invigorating effect of the cold, in fact, helps to counteract edema and gives immediate relief.

Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices are also a real panacea. In fact, it is enough to keep them in the freezer for half an hour (even better if dipped in lemon) and apply them on the face.
Once they have been placed on the entire surface , they must be left on for about ten minutes.
Once the time has passed, it will be enough to rinse everything with fresh water to notice the already more deflated face.

Green tea

Another useful remedy that has an astringent effect is green tea . This can be prepared as usual (obviously without sugar) and, once cold, applied to the face using cotton pads. The tannins present in green tea will help the face to deflate naturally while the other properties inherent in this special ingredient will give a more rested overall appearance.

These three remedies represent a valid and quick help to counteract the swollen face immediately . To them you can then add facial exercises, to be carried out in the evening and a healthy lifestyle. In this way the swollen face (unless allergies or other problems to be evaluated with the doctor) will become just a memory.

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