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Pumpkin and prostate seeds: many benefits, but pay attention to the quantities

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds and prostate: do they really bring so many benefits? Of course, as long as they are consumed without exaggerating and, possibly, organic.

As long as you don't go overboard with the quantities and don't choose a treated product, pumpkin seeds can bring many benefits to the prostate. According to some studies, these oil seeds are able to preserve the organ from infections and inflammations that affect men, especially after the age of fifty.

Pumpkin seeds and prostate: the health benefits

Pumpkin seeds have several properties, some of which are excellent for ensuring the well-being of the prostate . As the name suggests, these are the oily seeds of the homonymous vegetable. Inside there are useful substances to counteract benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is a rather common condition in men over 50, which involves an increase in the volume of the prostate. There are several annoyances of this problem: from frequent urination to infections, passing through inflammation of the urinary tract. Therefore, the boys who have blown out the fateful fifty candles should learn to include pumpkin seeds in their daily diet.

Rich in zinc and phytosterols, such as beta sitosterol, sitostanol and avenasterol, pumpkin seed oil for the prostate is almost miraculous. According to some studies, if taken correctly, it is able to counteract prostatic hypertrophy by inhibiting cell growth. In any case, always remember that, even if these seeds contribute to the proper functioning of the organ in question, they must never be abused.

Pumpkin oil for the prostate: watch out for contraindications

As already pointed out, even if the benefits of pumpkin seeds for the prostate are many, they must always be taken without exaggerating. Most of the scientific studies on the subject, in fact, have been carried out with capsules based on pumpkin seeds. This means that the tablet has brought well-being because it is perfectly dosed. Consequently, you cannot expect, for example, to eat 150 grams of pumpkin seeds, perhaps treated with salt, and obtain the same benefits. Also, do not forget that we are always talking about oil seeds, therefore rather caloric . The average recommended quantity is 10 grams of seeds per day.

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