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Purify yourself in February: 10 strategies to eliminate toxins

Hot water

With the end of January and the holidays, it is important to detoxify the body. Let's see how to purify yourself in February thanks to different strategies.

Officially the Christmas and New Year holidays end on January 6th and from that moment we should go back to our healthy eating habits. In truth, however, we often find ourselves eating panettone and all the other leftover desserts throughout the month of January. A way of doing that involves everyone a bit, making it difficult to find the lost line.

The real detox, therefore, should be postponed to the following month. Of course, in February there are Carnival and Valentine's Day and often also the Chinese New Year, but excesses cannot be prolonged forever! Among other things, deflating and eliminating toxins is not that difficult, and it is also possible to do it by indulging in a few cheats during the occasions mentioned above. So let's see what are the rules to follow to purify yourself in February without losing your smile.

How to purify yourself in February

Hot water
Hot water

Choosing to purify yourself a little in the month of February can be useful, both to find the balance that is often lost when you indulge in excesses for a while, and to get back in shape.
The good news is that you don't need extreme fasts or sacrifices to achieve this. As a rule, in fact, it is enough to go back to eating as before, keeping a close eye on the foods you choose, get active and avoid some foods that are more harmful than others. All simple rules that can be summarized in ten points.

1. Drink detox herbal teas. The best way to detoxify the body of toxins and at the same time fight the cold is to drink lots of detox herbal teas. The best and most effective is the one based on ginger and lemon , but simple green tea is also excellent (without sugar, of course).

2. Eliminate sugars. Unfortunately, to purify and lose weight, you have to give up sugars and we are not only referring to sugar to add to tea, coffee and herbal teas, but also to candies, sweets and fizzy drinks. It is also important to remember that sugar is also often found in processed foods such as ketchup, bread and other foods that will be important to keep an eye on. Don't worry, though, because there are many other sweeteners that can be introduced in small quantities. From honey to the fruit itself that can sweeten a pancake or a homemade dessert.

3. Cut down on carbohydrates. Obviously, carbohydrates are also sugars. Thankfully, you won't need to delete them entirely. The trick is to consume them in small quantities, always preferring the wholemeal type and always trying to consume balanced meals. Carbohydrates, when associated with proteins and good fats, are in fact less harmful both for the figure and for the health. And, not indifferent, they also help to stay full longer.

4. Eat whole foods. To purify yourself from toxins you need to take a lot of fiber, which is contained in whole grains . Green light then for wholemeal pasta, bread and rice but also for breakfast cereals and cakes to be prepared with wholemeal flour.

5. Give up alcohol. Alcoholic beverages contain sugar and poison the liver. Two very good reasons not to drink them. Avoiding them for a few days will make the difference, speeding up the detoxification process and making the new diet more functional.

6. Eat liquid foods. Sometimes it can be useful to prefer liquid foods. We are not talking about drinks for weight loss but light soups, vegetable purées, foods rich in fiber and vitamins and to which it is possible to add chicken or wholemeal bread.

7. Have balanced snacks. Balanced snacks are also a good way to keep fit. Here, then, that a yogurt with a handful of nuts can prove useful as well as a small wholemeal sandwich with turkey ham. Furthermore, for lovers of an aperitif with friends, it is possible to opt for something healthy such as an orange juice and a few cubes of cheese.

8. Take a sauna. The sauna and Turkish bath help eliminate toxins through perspiration. However, it is important to abstain if you suffer from low blood pressure . Alternatively, there are many other ways to take care of the body. And those listed in this mini guide are more than enough to guarantee a good result.

9. Sleep well . Well yes: without a good restorative sleep (about 8 hours) it will be difficult to achieve the well-being goals that have been set. Sleep regulates hormones, lowers cortisol, allows you to eat more balanced and turns out to be a cure-all for the mood. It is also good for health. Which is why it is always important to take care of this aspect of life.

10. Walk. Finally, it is always useful to take many walks in the open air . Walking to work and leaving the car at home whenever possible helps with weight loss and detoxification. Obviously it is preferable to take a brisk walk and therefore able to stimulate the metabolism.

By following these simple rules, detoxing in February, while indulging in a couple of whims, will be possible and even pleasant. The feeling of well-being that you feel is in fact priceless.

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