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Purple potatoes must absolutely be included in the diet: here are the reasons

purple potatoes

If you've never tried them, purple potatoes taste really great. Not only that, they also bring many benefits to the body.

Have you ever tasted purple potatoes ? If the answer is no, you absolutely have to try them. In addition to having a great taste, they boast important properties. They are real health allies and can also be consumed by celiacs: let's find out the uses and contraindications.

Purple potatoes: properties and benefits

Purple potatoes, although their color may lead to strange thoughts, are not genetically modified organisms. In fact, these are tubers originating in South America and now available all over the world. The shape is the same as the yellow-fleshed colleagues, but the peel is a little harder, which is why they can only be eaten without the peel. Plus, they're also slightly smaller and mealier .

Rich in anthocyanins, which is why they are purple, this potato variety boasts important properties . First, they are powerful antioxidants and help maintain good general health. Thanks to minerals, especially potassium, they are a great help for muscles and heart. As if that weren't enough, they bring benefits to the eyes and intestines and help prevent tumors, free radicals, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes.

As far as nutritional values ​​are concerned, 100 grams of purple potatoes provide 85 Kcal, of which: 2.1 g of proteins, 1 g of lipids and 17.9 g of carbohydrates. The flavor is similar to that of chestnuts or hazelnuts, but they are much more digestible.

Uses and contraindications

Purple potatoes can be used in the same way as their yellow-fleshed colleagues. You just need to have one more precaution regarding cooking . Avoid the steam one because if not cooked well they have an unpleasant taste and can hurt and abolish the high temperatures, since they destroy most of the healthy substances. In terms of contraindications , if consumed without exceeding the quantities, there are no particular side effects to report. Last gem: they don't contain gluten, so they can be safely included in the diet of those suffering from celiac disease .

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