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Ratafià from Abruzzo: the recipe with black cherries


Ratafià with black cherries or rattafia, liqueur made from black cherries and red wine, typical of the Abruzzo region, ideal to serve with dessert at the end of the meal.

Ratafià is a typical liqueur from Abruzzo, prepared with black cherries or sour cherries, left to infuse with alcohol and Montepulciano, a typical red wine of the region. The preparation of this liqueur is really simple and is perfect to serve to guests as an end to a meal, as a homemade gift, as a dip for sponge cake or simply to use black cherries in large quantities.

Like all typical recipes, there are many variations. This liqueur, in fact, is also prepared in some areas of Lazio where a few drops of coffee are added to the main ingredients . The origin of the name is also very particular: one version traces the name of the liqueur to the Latin saying “ut rata fiat” generally pronounced following the stipulation of notarial or commercial agreements, while another version traces the term to the motto “ pax rata fiat” (peace is made), used by the military to establish peace agreements . Here is the preparation step by step.


Preparation of Abruzzo ratafià

  1. First, wash the black cherries well, dry them, cut them in half and remove the seeds .
  2. Transfer the black cherries into a large glass jar with an airtight seal.
  3. Also add the wine, alcohol, sugar and cinnamon stick.
  4. Close tightly with the lid and leave to rest for 30 days in a dark , dry place.
  5. Remember to mix the ingredients occasionally.
  6. After the days of rest, filter the liquid at least a couple of times using a narrow mesh strainer before transferring the liqueur into glass bottles. The liqueur is ready to be enjoyed.

Alternatively, if you love this fruit combined with an alcoholic note, you can try maraschino cherries .


We recommend storing the ratafià in a cool, dry place, even for several months .

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