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Ready for New Year’s Eve: the trendiest looks of 2022 to wait and celebrate 2023

Look New Year

This year's New Year's fashion? Sparkling and luminous, are the watchwords. Whether it's a party, a dinner at a restaurant or a carefree evening with friends, what matters is a themed look in tune with our taste and desire to celebrate.

Black sequined dress

However, between those who love it and those who hate it, there is a truth that unites these two conflicting feelings: New Year's Eve is a moment that excites everyone a little, even just for the joy of living the wait for midnight in the company of people dear to us. And such a moment deserves an outfit that seals and expresses our joy: the lesson of fashion this year was just that, to wear something that makes us feel good, customized and sewn on our personality. Whether you're thinking of betting on an evergreen like the little black dress covered in sequins or daring, the important thing is that it's about you!

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