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Recycle the suit: how to mix classic and elegant pieces and make them suitable for a thousand occasions

Blazer and pants

Multiple combinations are hidden in a suit: so jacket and trousers mix with other must-haves according to seasonal trends

Our wardrobe would not be complete if we hadn't reserved at least one place for the suit inside: from graduation to a ceremony, passing through an office look, its combo made up of a jacket or blazer plus trousers is that safe passport that saves us every whenever a special, elegant or formal occasion is around the corner. And if the doubt that sometimes assails us is how to wear it to play down its elegance and not run the risk of leaving it in the wardrobe, we have the solution: mix its elements with the rest of the wardrobe. The looks that will come out will be truly amazing…trying is believing!

Spring 2023 trends: break up the suit, jacket + British pants

Kate Middleton is a lover of suits and blazers. The duchess is a constant inspiration not only in the handbook of how to recycle the key pieces of one's wardrobe but also in showing us how to revisit the suit, even in a nuance that is not as simple as white. In fact, Kate plays with basic colors and combines the white jacket with black British pants and a pair of pumps: the effect is chic but less formal than a total white suit.

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