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Refined, original and classy: it is risotto with scampi cream

Risotto with scampi cream

Risotto with scampi is simple to prepare, but it will allow you to bring a tasty and refined dish to the table: here is the step by step recipe!

A perfect recipe to amaze , ideal for refined palates and above all that will make us look great: we are talking about the risotto with scampi cream, a delicate fish risotto but at the same time with a strong and pleasant taste, ideal to combine with a good glass of white wine and to prepare for important occasions.

In this rice the protagonists are the prawns, with which a sauce is made that will wrap the rice grains , for a surprising result to say the least. Follow us in the kitchen to prepare this simple, quick and super tasty first course. Let ‘s get started!

Risotto with scampi cream
Risotto with scampi cream

How to make risotto with scampi cream

  1. First of all, get ready to clean the prawns: remove the head and with the help of a scissors extract the meat from the shell.
  2. Remove the intestines and do not throw away the scraps, but keep them aside.
  3. Now prepare the fish stock for cooking the rice. You will need a saucepan with double handles. Add oil, chopped shallots, shells, heads and smoke with the brandy over high heat.
  4. Cover everything with water, adding salt and pepper. After about 30 minutes, filter everything with a colander.
  5. Cook the prawns in a pan for a few minutes, then set them aside and blend with a spoonful of fumet , a few spoonfuls of fresh cream, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Add the tomato puree. Keep some aside if you want to create a wonderful decoration .
  6. Now it’s time for the risotto: chopped shallots and rice are the first step to proceed.
  7. Once toasted , add the white wine and cook the rice with the fumet.
  8. When the cooking is complete, stir in the extra virgin olive oil and the scampi cream, finally finish the dish with the lemon zest, which will give a very pleasant touch of freshness to the dish. Do not forget to decorate with the scampi kept aside. Enjoy your meal!


This tasty first course can be stored for a maximum of 1 day in an airtight container placed in the refrigerator.

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