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Rice flour pancakes: good, golden and gluten-free!

Rice flour pancakes

Rice flour pancakes are delicious and gluten-free, perfect to bring to the table during the Carnival period.

Ready for a delicious recipe for your Carnival ? So let's make these rice flour pancakes together! For today's preparation, you will need very few ingredients and little time in the kitchen, and in a short time you will have created a fantastic dessert!

The great thing about these delicious pancakes is that they are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten , so they are truly perfect for everyone. Try it, the result is guaranteed!

Rice flour pancakes
Rice flour pancakes

How to make gluten-free Carnival pancakes

  1. First of all, beat the eggs in a bowl with the eggs and leave the liquid mixture aside. In the meantime, take the rice flour and sift it carefully, then mix it with the sugar and 1 pinch of salt.
  2. Add the flour to the egg and milk mixture and begin mixing well until it thickens. Also add vanillin , and if you want, other spices to your liking.
  3. At this point, heat the frying oil. When it is at temperature, make balls with the dough and fry them in oil until you have perfectly golden pancakes.
  4. Dry them with a kitchen paper towel and sprinkle them with icing sugar to decorate. Serve the natural gluten-free pancakes while still hot . Enjoy your meal!

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