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Rice porridge, a delicious and gluten-free dessert!

Rice and cinnamon porridge

How to prepare rice and cinnamon porridge: the ingredients and the recipe for a perfect dessert for breakfast!

Porridge is generally prepared with oats and is nothing more than a sort of oat soup that is never missing from Scottish and English breakfasts . The original recipe, in fact, is made with oat grains soaked for 24 hours before moving on to cooking. Given the long preparation, in the past porridge was mostly prepared on holidays.

Below we prepare a quicker version: rice and cinnamon porridge, the variant with milk and rice and enriched with coconut, dark chocolate, apples and honey… what more could you ask for? Like the classic recipe with oat flakes, this version with rice is also suitable for those who are gluten intolerant.

Rice and cinnamon porridge
Rice and cinnamon porridge

Preparation: how to make rice porridge

  1. Pour the water into a pan, place on the heat and bring to the boil . Once it boils, add the rice and salt.
  2. After ten minutes of cooking the rice, add the milk and cook for the time necessary to complete cooking and obtain a creamy consistency .
  3. When there are a few minutes left of cooking, add the cinnamon powder and sugar .
  4. Serve the porridge hot by adding a sprinkling of coconut flour, flaked dark chocolate, honey and an apple cut into wedges. Also excellent with the addition of dried fruit .
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We recommend consuming the porridge as soon as it is ready .

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