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Risotto with Brussels sprouts, a simple first course

Risotto with Brussels sprouts

It doesn’t take much to bring a tasty first course to the table and risotto with Brussels sprouts is proof of this. Here is our recipe.

There is nothing better than a good risotto if you don’t know what to cook for dinner and today, with the risotto with Brussels sprouts we show you how easy it is to use this ingredient to create a tasty first course . As with all risotto recipes it is very important to proceed in the right way, toasting the rice well and cooking it, adding broth a little at a time.

In its basic version, this light first course is prepared with very few ingredients but we will discover that it takes very little to obtain even tastier variations. The first will be with saffron but we can guarantee that the addition of gorgonzola, or pancetta, will make this first even better. Ready to cook?

Risotto with Brussels sprouts
Risotto with Brussels sprouts

How to prepare risotto with Brussels sprouts recipe

  1. First clean the Brussels sprouts by removing the base and the outermost layer of leaves. Then divide them in four and keep them aside.
  2. Finely chop the shallot and brown it in a pan with the oil and butter (for a vegan first, replace the butter with vegetable margarine or other oil) until it is transparent.
  3. Add the rice and toast it for two minutes then stir in the sprouts.
  4. Cover flush with the boiling vegetable broth and start cooking. It will take 16-18 minutes depending on the variety of rice used.
  5. Bring it to cooking, always adding the broth a little at a time in order to cover the rice flush and make sure it is always hot to avoid stopping cooking. Also season with salt and pepper.
  6. Once the rice is al dente, turn off and stir in a knob of butter (or margarine) and serve.

Staying on the subject of first courses with Brussels sprouts, we recommend you also try the risotto with mushrooms and sprouts , a perfect recipe for autumn. Among the other variations of this recipe there is also the risotto with brussels sprouts and saffron , a first light obtained by adding a sachet of saffron about halfway through cooking: it will give color but also a very particular flavor. Lovers of strong flavors will then not be able to give up the temptation to whip the risotto with 60 grams of gorgonzola : it goes without saying that you will get a mouth-watering first course. Speaking of tasty variations, how about browning 100 grams of bacon (sweet or smoked), along with the shallot? It will make it even better!


Risotto is one of those preparations that should be consumed as soon as it is done . However, if you have any leftovers, reheat it in a pan or microwave for a few minutes before consuming.

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