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Risque, extravagant, eccentric: 7 exaggerated and unforgettable looks by Chiara Ferragni

Clare Ferragni 2020

Waiting to find out more about the Sanremo looks, let's review the most particular looks that made Chiara Ferragni talk

Exaggerated, particular, whimsical, audacious, sensual: there are many attributes that we could identify to describe the looks sported by Chiara Ferragni over the last few years and which would inevitably vary according to our taste and our sensitivity. The objective fact, however, is that almost always her most particular looks, not always flaunted and shown in her Instagram feed on the occasion of public or personal events but more often than not to present a trend, have generated discussion and engagement between social networks and the media , thus becoming recognizable and unforgettable after some time, at least among fashionistas, social addicts and enthusiasts of the digital entrepreneur. Let's review some of them to refresh your memory!

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