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Roast veal in the air fryer

Roast veal in the air fryer

We prepare the veal roast in the air fryer. The result? Succulent crust and a very soft interior.

Do you have to prepare a delicious second course for Sunday lunch but don't want to spend too much effort? Here comes the recipe for air fryer roast veal. This second course is very easy to make, you will only need a good cut of roast veal . Air cooking lends itself very well to this type of dish, it will amaze you. In this small appliance it cooks evenly and in a short time: the result will be a roast with a succulent, crunchy crust on the outside and perfectly tender meat on the inside .

Roast veal in the air fryer
Roast veal in the air fryer

Preparing the recipe for roast veal in the air fryer

  1. Before starting the process, remember to preheat your air fryer to 180°C for a few minutes.
  2. On a plate, place the roast veal.
  3. Season it with rosemary, then with pepper and salt. Then, gently massage the meat to flavor it well.
  4. At this point, grease the entire surface of the meat with a very thin layer of oil.
  5. Line the air fryer basket with a sheet of baking paper; then, place the roast in the center.
  6. Cook at 180°C for 40 minutes ; if you notice that the meat needs more time to cook, extend it until it becomes well browned.
  7. Once cooking is finished, let the meat rest a little before cutting it to serve.


Roast veal cooked in an air fryer is an excellent idea for a tasty second course, which makes even a simple lunch special. The best advice is to consume it immediately , avoiding storing it.

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