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Romantic and lively: how to combine antique pink, a trendy and refined colour

Girl with pink sequin dress

Spring is her favorite season, but she also steals the show in winter: that's why antique pink must be in our wardrobe

We usually think that the winter wardrobe should include a few selected basically dark colours, from black to brown, from forest green to mud, from metallic to glittery textures.

But also bringing a touch of color to cheer up and give sprint to a working day or free time by focusing on a multicolor dress code can and must be done, starting with a color that appears to us as the right compromise: antique pink! A delicate and refined nuance that has all the credentials to celebrate spring but also subtle dark shades that make it perfect for the winter cocoon effect. And in fact, this delicate pink is not missing from the key color palette of our wardrobe!

Girl with pink sequin dress
Girl with pink sequin dress

Antique pink, how to combine the refined nuance in winter: focus on dark colors

The old pink of winter is naturally not like that of spring: it tends to favor darker shades, to set aside the pastel allure and to prefer bold and contrasting combinations. However, nothing prevents us from "daring" with a total look that brings a bit of summer panache: a pair of cuissardes boots , black amphibians, a black it-bag will suffice and you're done!

Accessories can therefore be a fundamental element of our pink ancient look in winter edition , but if you have opted for trousers, a sweater or a cardigan in ancient pink, play with colors such as brown, mud, beige , even in metallic textures or glittery, perfect for creating an antique pink look with an evening flavour.

Don't underestimate the ton sur ton either : Max Mara offers us an example of an office look with a highly original blazer+foulard.

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Ancient Pink in spring: the seasonal saver is in pastel tones

In spring, on the other hand, delicate colors both in color block or basic dress codes such as white and light beige go perfectly with this extremely refined nuance, essential in a self-respecting summer wardrobe.

Pink and light blue tweed suits, accessories such as shoes and bags, white t-shirts, are a passepartout that allow us to focus on a few pieces that will make us feel in perfect harmony with the lightness of the May air.

Pink long coat
Pink long coat

For an impactful and more lively look, red also creates a romantic and passionate contrast, which we can complete with black trousers for an office look , with a miniskirt instead in the evening. The touch of sensuality can be added instead by a pair of nude pumps. If you are a lover of soft looks instead, gray will be the perfect nuance for a sober, elegant and rigorous look.

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