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Romantic and noir, Alberta Ferretti’s fall/winter 2023 collection at MFW 2023

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Alberta Ferretti revisits her dress code in a dark version, in feminine androgynous garments: a delicate and strong woman, whose charm lies in mystery.

Delicate and strong , this is how Alberta Ferretti describes her autumn/winter 2023 woman: this is demonstrated by the alternation in the collection of highly sensual garments with looks with a mysterious appeal, which uses wide-brimmed hats, black glasses and coats long, almost to hide a charm that will soon explode in the parade of light, sheer dresses that sensually model themselves on the body. There is no ostentation at Alberta Ferretti: every detail, even the sexiest, appears so natural and innocent. On the other hand, the strength of the maison has always been to tell that romantic feminine strength that has been handed down over the centuries.

Alberta Ferretti, fall/winter 2023 fashion show: the downright beautiful looks on stage at MFW

The undisputed protagonist of MFW 2023 is the transparency trend: everyone has succumbed to this sweet temptation to "discover" bodies, show them as they are born, letting the fabric model itself on it and not vice versa: there is a desire for passion, desire, playfulness , trying to show us a little more even in the season that asks us to cover up.

Miniskirts composed only of transparent weaves, precious crystals and sequins are the enchanting stylistic feature of Alberta Ferretti's winter wardrobe, together with velvet half-neck sweaters and nude black or brown tops, the perfect synthesis of the lingerie dress code and evening. A valuable lesson on details and their narrative force.

And then there is the other half of the female heart, strong and courageous, a cow girl city edition with an elegant and decisive step, which draws on the iconic mystery wardrobe: high black ankle boots, a wide-brimmed hat, a long enveloping burgundy sheepskin with lots of fur to tighten at the waist. It plays with textures and with mystery, for a look that is androgynous in the imagination but extremely feminine in construction.

Trends and notes for next winter 2023-2024

Next winter, therefore, it will be fun to mix looks with an androgynous and romantic allure, making use of accessories that will become undisputed must-haves, starting with high belts like a bustier to enhance the silhouette, to be worn over short or long jackets.

To be worn on the arm like a document holder or a handbag for walking is the leather pochette , revisited as an office bag and also revealing its daytime soul, perfect to carry to literally keep the essentials close at hand, perhaps to complement even to another more capacious bag if the day requires it. Gloves are back in their long version, transparent if worn with a long dress, in leather for a daily look. The palette draws on the nuances of seduction with a 1940s flavour: black, brown, red and grey, to paint a winter with a romantic and noir taste.

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