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Rosemary liqueur, perfect to drink after meals

rosemary liqueur

That of the rosemary liqueur is an ancient recipe full of flavour. A way to round off a meal with family or friends.

Rosemary liqueur is a quick and easy recipe which, in addition to being pleasant to drink , is also full of benefits.

In fact, preparing a good homemade product means putting together genuine ingredients whose mix leads to a pleasant aroma, an intense taste and an invigorating effect. So let's find out how to best prepare rosemary and lemon liqueur!

rosemary liqueur
rosemary liqueur

Preparation of the rosemary liqueur recipe

  1. Start by carefully washing the rosemary needles and then drying them and placing them in an airtight jar with a capacity of 2 liters.
  2. Wash the lemon and grate the zest and then add it to the jar.
  3. Also pour in the alcohol, close everything and shake it to mix.
  4. Store everything in a dry place well protected from light and shake it once a day for about 15 days.
  5. Once the time has elapsed, take a saucepan and pour the water and sugar into it .
  6. Cook for about 5 minutes and until the sugar dissolves turning into syrup.
  7. When this happens, let the syrup cool thoroughly and filter the mixture of alcohol and rosemary inside.
  8. Mix the rosemary liqueur well and bottle, leaving everything to settle for at least two weeks.

If you want you can also make the variant of rosemary and cinnamon liqueur. To do this, just follow the recipe above, adding a pinch of cinnamon to the ingredients in the jar. Generally half a teaspoon is more than enough to give the liqueur the right aroma.

Rosemary liqueur: the benefits

Rosemary liqueur is a very effective digestif. For this reason it is especially recommended after meals.

However, its benefits don't end there. It is in fact a tonic with both stimulant and diuretic properties. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of rosemary, this liqueur also has soothing and healing effects on the gastrointestinal system. Reason why, if drunk in moderation it is certainly beneficial.


If kept in a cool, dry place, it can keep for a couple of years when bottled. Once opened, however, it should be consumed within 1 month .

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