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Sailor Moon + Jimmy Choo: the luxury shoe capsule that makes us dream in the name of the moon

Black platform shoes

Sailor warrior shoes can be ours and it's not a dream. Here they are in a luxury version and signed by Jimmy Choo.

For Valentine's Day Jimmy Choo could not think of a more welcome and romantic gift for Millennials and perhaps also for the nostalgic acquired by Gen Z. The luxury brand of shoes among the most loved in the world does not disappoint even this time and makes us dream with a capsule of shoes and accessories dedicated to Sailor Moon, but beware these are not free-inspired creations. It is precisely the shoes worn by the warriors in the anime and in the sorceress that materialize and can be worn on the foot for real, naturally according to Jimmy Choo's taste and refined style.

Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon: how the collab and the luxury capsule were born

A capsule that was born not only for taste but also for real sharing of values, those that Sailor Moon has always represented and that Sandra Choi, creative director of the brand, has recognized as the same ones that drive the philosophy of the Choo collections: "When I discovered the world of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon I was struck by the number of parallels to Jimmy Choo. The shared values ​​of transformation, individuality and female empowerment presented us with an authentic story right from the start” , the director explained to MFFashion.

Not yet shared on Jimmy Choo's social channels, the photos of the capsule began to travel on Instagram and the models immediately conquered the hearts of fashion and Sailor Moon addicts, realizing the dream of many of us who grew up in the 90s on bread and Sailor Moon: Wearing warrior accessories for real. The style of the manga thus becomes luxury and glam but faithful to the original illustrations that are transformed into shoes and accessories to wear in our daily universe.

“The idea of ​​transformation, when fused with accessories, is at the heart of the collaboration, with shoes playing a vital role in the metamorphosis of the superheroines. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon manages to be both nostalgic and modern at the same time. It reflects the girl power phenomenon of the early 2000s, which is making a comeback ,” added the designer. For Jimmy Choo it is also an opportunity to speak to an even wider community: from Asia to Europe, the Sailor Moon community has a global reach.

How much Jimmy Choo capsule shoes cost and when they will be available for purchase

There are the fuchsia elasticated boots worn by Sailor Moon but also the platform version Mary Janes worn by the other warriors, orange for Sailor Venus: these are the models spotted by the first photos released, among which you can also see a mini bag with a pearl shoulder strap and the texture that features comic strips taken from the manga. The entire collection will be released on February 14, thus also paying homage to the 30 years of the work of Naoko Takeuchi, who also provided her creative contribution to the series.

It will be purchasable online and for the occasion the collection will be exhibited in a pop up in London, a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmospheres of the series between a moon-shaped pouf and installations that reflect the transformation of female warriors. How much will they cost? The prices of the entire collection have not yet been released but the fuchsia model of Sailor Moon, studded with 19,000 Swarovski crystals and purchasable on request will be around 12,000 euros, a stellar price.

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