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Salt lamp: what benefits it can bring to health

Salt lamp

Beautiful, with a harmonious appearance and design, friends of health and mood: these are just some of the strengths of salt lamps, able to give a special magic to environments and give well-being and relaxation.

Each salt lamp for sale is made with natural pink Himalayan salt crystals, where the purest and finest rock salt in the world is found.

Each crystalline block is characterized by its own shape , which makes it unique and which is drilled and modeled to allow the passage of the electric wire and the insertion of a light bulb inside.

Himalayan pink salt is known for its beneficial properties, so much so that it is also used in the kitchen , as well as for making lamps, real furnishing accessories that find space in more and more homes.

Salt lamp
Salt lamp

Properties of the salt lamp

An important property of salt is that it acts as a natural dehumidifier and purifies the air by absorbing moisture . The lamps have an internal light source which, once switched on, not only gives off a warm, orangey and extremely relaxing light, but also causes the salt to heat up and spread negative ions into the environment.

These ions help to purify the rooms in which the lamp is positioned and to rebalance them energetically .

Furthermore, the shades of color emanating from the lamp generate chromatic vibrations that promote well-being and relaxation , proving to be a panacea for those who benefit from it.

Benefits of the salt lamp

Salt lamps are increasingly widespread as they are very versatile, so much so that they can be used as design elements in domestic and work environments, as well as in beauty centres.

Usually the places where you spend many hours are charged with positive ions: the main responsible for this process are the carbon dioxide emitted with breathing and the electromagnetic waves of computers, cell phones, televisions. The consequence is that annoying feeling of exhaustion, bad concentration, drop in mood that we feel in the middle of the day. The negative ions released into the environment by the salt lamp counteract the harmful effects of the positive ions by restoring energy to the body , improving concentration and fighting stress .

The use of salt lamps at home is particularly useful in the rooms where we study or work, or in the bedroom where it helps to get a peaceful sleep . The soft and warm light emitted by the lamps helps to create an almost magical atmosphere that brings a series of physical and mental benefits, also reducing anxiety.

Pink salt lamps can counteract the smell of smoke and provide relief for those suffering from allergies and , more generally, respiratory problems such as sinusitis and asthma. That's why it's good to place one in the children's rooms or in the living room, so that the whole family can benefit from the extraordinary properties of salt.

Making the air healthier is another of the extraordinary peculiarities of pink salt lamps, which reclaim excessively humid environments if kept on for at least five or six hours a day, without drying the air.

Other curiosities

The salt lamps on the market have different shapes and sizes : all have a wooden support base – clear or colored – and can have particular details in the workmanship.

The numerous variants available allow this piece of furniture to adapt to the style of any environment, be it classic, modern, ethnic or shabby.

The salt lamp represents an important indicator of the humidity present in the environments in which it is placed, so as to help us understand if the air in a room is healthy or, on the contrary, excessively humid: in the latter case it will not be difficult to find the wet lamp, oozing water droplets or even tending to melt in the most extreme cases. To overcome this inconvenience, the lamp must remain on for several hours a day , as by heating up, it maintains the benefits for health and the environment unaltered, but does not undergo crumbling or dissolution.

The ions that the pink salt lamp emits are excellent help and support for the well-being of the immune system . The Himalayan salt crystals that compose it are rich in minerals beneficial to health, which can be replenished through breathing. Another element to take into consideration when buying a salt lamp is the size that must be right in relation to the size of the room in which it will be placed.

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