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Sautéed courgettes, a light side dish

Sautéed courgettes

Let's discover the recipe for sautéed courgettes together, to prepare a very quick and very simple side dish!

Courgettes are a fresh and tasty side dish, a must on our tables all year round, but especially with the arrival of the summer. A true Italian classic, the most loved recipe of all, is that of sautéed courgettes: you will be surprised, but they are also really simple and quick to make!

Trifolate simply means that the courgettes are cooked in a pan and flavored with parsley . So, all you need to do is wash and clean the vegetables, stew them in a pan and season them. The best part? It's also a light side dish! What are you waiting for? Let's make them now!

Sautéed courgettes
Sautéed courgettes

How to cook sautéed courgettes

  1. Wash the courgettes and remove the two ends. Cut the courgettes into rounds, about three millimeters thick : we recommend a medium thickness so that cooking is faster.
  2. Place a pan with the EVO oil and the peeled and crushed garlic clove over a medium heat: fry for a few minutes, turning it a couple of times.
  3. Then add the courgettes to the pan and cook them for ten minutes, turning them every now and then. Mix delicately with a wooden spoon or a spatula, so as not to cause them to fall apart.
  4. Our advice is not to overcook them , so that they retain all their flavor and all their internal juices. The courgettes should be slightly golden, but still quite firm: if you cook them too much they will almost boil and fall apart . If they release too much water during cooking, raise the heat so that it evaporates quickly : this way you reduce the risk of them boiling in their own juices.
  5. Only at the end add salt and pepper .
  6. Turn off the heat and finish the preparation by sprinkling with the coarsely chopped parsley leaves . Divide your light sautéed courgettes between plates and serve.

If you prefer, you can replace the pepper with fresh chilli , adding it to the preparation from the beginning, together with the garlic clove. The seasoning, in fact, is optional, you can also try adding a little paprika (sweet or strong) to make the taste more oriental and reduce the total amount of salt. They will be perfect in any case as a side dish for a light dinner !

Courgette side dishes: recipes and other ideas

After having seen the courgette side dish par excellence, we also want to offer you some variations. Of course, they are all slightly more elaborate but also truly delicious recipes:

  • Fried zucchini . In this case, forget the diet in favor of taste and give this very simple preparation a chance. Make a batter with eggs and flour and cook in hot oil until golden brown: they will be a huge success!
  • Sandy courgettes . For this variant, just add a sprinkling of breadcrumbs to the sautéed courgette recipe: it will add texture and a very interesting flavour.
  • Courgette chips . For the light version we take inspiration frombaked courgettes : for an effect as similar as possible to the classic potato snack, cut them into rounds, season and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C . Keep an eye on them, turn them and when they are golden they are ready. To make them tastier, all you have to do is fry them .
  • We then have to offer you a variant of sautéed courgettes, made by adding tomato, onion and 1 egg. To prepare them, sauté them first as in the main recipe, then add a beaten egg and let it cook together with the vegetables. Finally, add about 200 g of tomato puree , lower the heat to minimum and cook everything for about 10 minutes, adding water if necessary. Finally , complete with parsley and bring to the table. As well as being a side dish, it can also be used perfectly as a substantial vegetarian main course.

Now that we have seen all the secrets of this vegetable, what do you think about trying our pan-fried courgettes too?


This courgette recipe has a relatively long shelf life: keep them in the fridge in a closed container for about 5 days . If they make you nauseated after a few days of eating them, know that you can also freeze them.

Alternatively, sautéed courgettes are also an excellent condiment for pasta . You just have to cook the pasta you prefer, drain it, and sauté it in the pan with the sautéed courgettes. If you like, you can also sprinkle with parmesan. We recommend short pasta such as rigatoni or conchiglie.

For some even tastier variations, discover how to cook courgettes in many different ways !

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