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Scrub with pink Himalayan salt: for skin that is more exfoliated and toned than ever

pink salt scrub

Pink salt body scrub is a natural and easy way to take care of your skin. Let's find out how to make it.

The skin needs constant care, essential to keep it always toned, well exfoliated and smooth. Among the many ways to take care of it is the scrub with pink Himalayan salt . Simple to make, this remedy is in fact useful both for exfoliating the skin and eliminating its dead cells and for giving it more tone. All with a great expenditure of time and with the certainty of obtaining a natural scrub able to help the skin on several fronts.
In fact, it is enough to apply it to eliminate its impurities, to avoid ingrown hairs, to prevent pimples and to obtain a skin in general that is smoother and more toned than ever.

Himalayan salt scrub: how to make it

Getting a scrub with pink Himalayan salt is easier than you think. In fact, pink salt contains the indispensable part to give life to the scrub. It is in fact granular at the right point to exfoliate the skin from the first pass.

pink salt scrub
pink salt scrub

At the same time, salt alone would not be functional for a scrub as it lacks the oily part . A "problem" that can be solved in an extremely simple way. To do this, just mix it with extra virgin olive oil .

These two ingredients together will be the perfect foundation for perfectly exfoliated and at the same time hydrated skin . And they will make the area where they will be applied smoother and softer.

The quantities are obviously customizable based on the areas of the body where you decide to use it. Basically you can start with two tablespoons of pink salt and one of oil to be increased according to personal needs. This scrub is in fact perfect on the whole body.

How to apply the pink salt scrub

The pink salt scrub is very easy to apply. To do this, just moisten the skin, take a small portion of scrub with a spoon (preferably wooden) and apply it to the area you wish to treat. Once this is done, the scrub will be rubbed on the skin with circulatory movements in order to activate the circulation and make it work for the best. Once the massage has been carried out, which must last at least five minutes, it is possible to rinse everything with warm water, dab the area with a clean towel and proceed with the moisturizing cream that you usually use.

A scrub of this type is excellent if applied once to twice a week. These will in fact be more than enough to obtain healthier, purified and toned skin . Furthermore, when applied to the legs, it is also a good remedy for cellulite . A true beauty ally to always keep close at hand.

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