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Seafood Grill? Why not try the grilled sea bream

Grilled sea bream

When we prepare an excellent grilled fish, what can't be missing? Grilled sea bream of course!

When the good weather arrives the embers begin to burn but we always end up cooking the meat, relegating the fish to a secondary role. This is a real shame because grilled sea bream, as well as many other types of fish prepared with this cooking technique, are truly delicious. The skin will remain crispy while the inside will be tender and succulent , flavored with Mediterranean scents.

Preparing grilled sea bream is really simple, especially if your fishmonger will do the bulk of the work, giving you very clean fish. All you have to do is flavor the fish and cook it on the barbecue. 15-20 minutes will be enough to obtain the desired degree of doneness and you will be ready to bring a delicious grilled fish to the table.

Sea bream on the grill
Sea bream on the grill

How to prepare the grilled sea bream recipe

  1. First clean the fish by removing the lateral and ventral fins. Not the dorsal one, it will then be easier to bone the fish , removing it after cooking.
  2. For grilling we recommend leaving the scales on, so as to protect the fish meat from high temperatures and make it easier to remove the skin once the sea bream is cooked.
  3. At this point, make a cut under the belly, up to the hole you find near the thing, and remove all the entrails using gloves. As mentioned, you can also ask your fishmonger to carry out these steps for you.
  4. Wash the fish well under running water, both outside and inside, then dry it with kitchen paper.
  5. Prepare an emulsion with the oil and chopped parsley together with the garlic (removed of the soul) and brush it on the fish, both externally and inside the cut in the belly.
  6. Place the herbs, bay leaf, rosemary and 1 or 2 slices of lemon in the belly.
  7. Now make sure that the barbecue grill is hot, grease it and then cook the sea bream, possibly slightly away from the burning embers.
  8. Grill for about 15 minutes until the eyes are white and the skin is browned. Times may vary depending on the size of the fish, but you can also check the cooking by slightly lifting the gills, making sure the meat has turned white.
  9. Once ready, serve it immediately, removing the skin and bones.

And here is a video to help you in the last cleaning step, to serve a perfectly boned and filleted dish at the table:

Grilled sea bream are perfect to accompany with a potato salad or a simpler green salad. Prepare it together with the other ingredients of the grilled fish and you will have a truly succulent lunch.


We advise you to consume the sea bream as soon as possible. If you have any leftovers, it is best to store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container after removing the skin and bones.

Tips for perfectly cooked (and served) fish

There are few but excellent tips to follow to obtain a perfect result in the preparation of this second fish dish.

  1. The cleaning . You must clean the fish very well, but without removing the scales and dorsal fin. As explained in the recipe, the scales will act as a barrier between the delicate meat of the sea bream and the heat of the barbecue. Instead, you will immediately notice how useful it is to maintain the dorsal fin, when the fish is cooked, in fact, it comes off in an instant by pulling it with cutlery or by hand. With the external part, most (if not all) of the dorsal spines also come away.
  2. Cuts on the meat . We recommend not practicing them (except to eliminate the entrails). In our experience, they promote the loss of liquids, making the fish meat stringy instead of juicy.
  3. Always remember to grease the grill well (oil is fine) before placing the sea bream, this way the sea bream will not stick.
  4. You can customize aromas and seasonings for the fish: if you love experimenting you can dare with spices, vinaigrette with oil and lemon, other aromas to taste to make the barbecued sea bream even tastier.

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