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Seasickness: how to enjoy the trip without getting sick

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Seasickness is a disabling problem, especially if you have to take a boat or ship holiday: let's find out how to counter it

Vomiting, headache, nausea, dizziness and tachycardia: these are just some of the symptoms caused by seasickness . A rather disabling problem, mostly linked to the summer season and when one plans to book a boat or ship holiday. Luckily there are many remedies, both natural and not, to counteract it and enjoy the trip without worries. And all without necessarily resorting to drugs. Let's find out, therefore, how to act to stem seasickness.

Seasickness: remedies

How to fight seasickness? A bit like airsickness or car sickness, even the undulating movement of boats or ships can create quite a few problems. The symptoms are different and can manifest themselves in the subject who suffers from it with an intensity that varies from person to person and which for some can be quite disabling.


And yet, a sea voyage, whether by ship or sailboat, is so magical that it is worth all the troubles in this world. However, so that the holiday does not become an agony, it is necessary to find remedies that can reduce the annoyances in the bud.

First of all, it is good to place yourself in a central location, which is as ventilated as possible. It is forbidden to go below deck, where there is little oxygen and movements are perceived expanded. Try to breathe the air deeply, perhaps aligning your breathing with the movements of the ship, and stare at the horizon without thinking too much about the fear of being sick.

To counteract the discomfort, it is good to try to avoid large meals , alcohol, tea, milk, coffee and all acidic drinks. Also, ban smoking. If the sea is rough, it is better to stay on an empty stomach or eat something dry and salty. The position is also very important: lying down or sitting can help relieve the various ailments associated with seasickness.

Seasickness: what to do?

Seasickness, of course, can also be fought with various drugs created specifically for the disease, including anti-nausea bracelets. First, however, it is good to remember that there are also several natural remedies considered effective and on sale in the form of supplements or mother tincture. The first ally, without a shadow of a doubt, is ginger, which acts on the stomach and intestines, calming both nausea and vomiting. Alternatively, opt for peppermint, to be applied in drops directly on the tongue before the symptoms appear.

Finally, an old grandmother's advice suggests putting a slice of lemon in your mouth as soon as you feel the first discomfort. There are so many tests to do and they can have better results than others in a personal way. The advice, therefore, is to do some tests and find the most suitable solution. In this way, your boat or ship holiday will be pleasant and will allow you to fill up on beautiful memories. And all without discomfort.

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