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Seaweed pancakes

seaweed pancakes

They are the appetizer par excellence of pizzerias: we are talking about seaweed fritters, delicious morsels of batter with the scent of the sea.

Seaweed fritters are among the most popular appetizers in pizzerias as well as one of the ingredients of the legendary Neapolitan cuoppo . We are used to buying them ready-made at the supermarket, but once you have seen how simple it is to prepare these seaweed zeppolines you will no longer be able to do without them.

What is truly incredible, however, is that fried seaweed is in all respects a vegan recipe. So even those who follow this diet will not have to give up the goodness of this dish , served only with a pinch of salt. Here's how to prepare seafood zeppole with the authentic Campania recipe.

seaweed pancakes
seaweed pancakes

How to prepare seaweed pancakes

  1. First let's focus on algae . They can be found fresh in fishmongers or frozen in the freezer section of most well-stocked supermarkets. In the first case they are already ready to be used, after washing, while in the second they will have to be defrosted and then left to soak in water and bicarbonate.
  2. Let's now prepare a sort of batter. Place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center.
  3. Dissolve the yeast in the sparkling water then pour everything into the flour, mixing with an electric whisk . The result will be a soft and sticky mixture. Cover and let rise until doubled (about a couple of hours, even less in summer).
  4. In the meantime , dry the seaweed well and chop it with a knife.
  5. Add them to the leavened batter, giving them a final quick stir. As you can see we have not added salt because the seaweed is already very tasty.
  6. Heat a pan, preferably an iron one, with plenty of seed oil . Dip two spoons in it, then take small portions of dough and drop them into the boiling oil. Fry them until they are swollen and golden , a few at a time so as not to lower the temperature of the oil excessively, then drain them with a slotted spoon and pass them on absorbent paper .
  7. Just before serving, season them with a pinch of fine salt . Your seafood fritters are ready to be enjoyed. There are no particular sauces or condiments to combine: their goodness lies entirely in their simplicity.

If you can find fresh seaweed , know that it can also be frozen and used at a later time. Seaweed pancakes are a Christmas appetizer par excellence, especially in Campania, and in this period seaweed is very difficult to find. This is why you should stock up on it.

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Seaweed zeppoline should be enjoyed as soon as they are made to appreciate their taste and consistency. Any type of storage is not recommended.

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