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Second degree burn: how to recognize it and what to do

second degree burn

A second degree burn is always very important to both recognize and treat. Here's what you need to know about it.

We speak of a second degree burn when both the surface of the skin and the underlying area are involved.
This is a situation that is important to recognize first for the well-being of the skin. For a good recovery it is in fact very important to protect the area affected by the burn, taking care of it in the most appropriate way. Here, then, is what is important to know about this type of burns and the treatment to be implemented.

How to recognize this type of burns

As already mentioned, this type of burn affects the superficial part of the skin and the one immediately below it.

second degree burn
second degree burn

Generally, among the symptoms that make them recognizable are:

– Redness of the skin
– Burning and constant pain
– Swelling of the burned area
– Pain on contact
– Formation of bubbles or blisters

This kind of burn is therefore halfway between the first degree burn which affects only the first layer of the skin and the 3 degree burn which, on the other hand, involves all three skin states .

Second degree burns: what to do

For this kind of burn, the intervention of the doctor is always necessary without which, the risk is to meet even serious complications and among which are the formation of scars and skin infections.

In case of burned skin, for healing , the first thing to do is to cool the area. This will then be treated according to the severity and origin of the problem. To do this, the methods to be implemented may vary and sometimes there may also be drugs among them, especially if there is pain or layers of skin for which it is necessary to accelerate the healing process. In any case, the doctor will evaluate and choose the intervention plan.

Among the many possible treatment options there are the use of antipyretics, and the dressing that must be constant and replaced often and always with the necessary disinfection techniques . Only in very extreme cases and very deep burns may surgery be necessary.

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