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Seitan escalopes: a delicious and unique dish that will amaze everyone

Seitan escalopes

All the ways to prepare a tasty and delicious dish of seitan escalopes. Primo Chef’s easy recipes.

Seitan is a particular preparation composed of wheat gluten, particularly rich in proteins , able to replace meat, for this reason the seitan scallops with lemon are an excellent second dish suitable not only for vegetarians and vegans but for anyone who wants to taste something different and equally tasty. It can also replace meat in appearance, as they have the same shape. A surprise that will delight all people who are able to appreciate the news and to savor particular and equally appetizing tastes. Let’s see together the necessary ingredients.

Seitan escalopes
Seitan escalopes

Preparation of the recipe for seitan escalopes with lemon

  1. The first step is to take the seitan slices and slice them if they are not already sliced ​​in the package.
  2. Subsequently, like the classic escalopes, take a plate, put some flour and flour the slices of seitan on both sides, taking care to eliminate the excess flour .
  3. Put the oil or butter in a pan and heat up, then add the previously floured slices of seitan and cook on one side for about 8 minutes .
  4. After the necessary time, turn the slices, add the lemon juice and cook on the other side as well.
  5. The escalopes are ready and can be served still hot with a side of potatoes or a salad .

The seitan escalopes with lemon are one of the many veg or vegan recipes that have successfully become part of the diet of many people because it is a second suitable for the whole family to adults and children.

Alternatively, you can also prepare the seitan stew .

The tastiest variations of seitan escalopes

The setan is a very versatile food and therefore the versions of the scallops are many, such as those with onions, mushrooms, white wine.

To prepare seitan escalopes with mushrooms, you need to add champignon or porcini mushrooms together with broth instead of lemon juice.As for seitan escalopes with onion, the onions should be placed in the pan with the oil before adding the slices of seitan. The seitan escalopes in white wine are prepared like those with lemon, just add half a glass of white wine instead of lemon. Another valid alternative is the seitan ragù which requires the same ingredients as the classic ragù, only the meat must be replaced by the slices of seitan.


The seitan escalopes must be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days in a hermetically sealed container and must be heated before consuming them.

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