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Self-harm: causes and possible remedies

self harm

Understanding self-harm and its underlying causes is a good way to better address the problem.

When we talk about self-harm we mean the process that pushes us to implement attitudes against ourselves. The word self-harm has meant intentionally harming oneself going against one's own interests. A problem that can turn out to be serious and therefore it is important to know how to recognize and manage. Here, then, what are the causes of self-harm and how to behave.

How to recognize self-harm

First of all it is important to know that there are at least two forms of self-harm. The first (most recognizable) is the physical one. Then follows psychological self-harm which, for obvious reasons, is more difficult to identify.

self harm
self harm

In any case, the result is to hurt oneself deliberately both with gestures that can lead to cuts and wounds and in a more subtle and therefore psychological way. For the former, among the most common behaviors are scratching , biting, burning, cutting and harming oneself in other ways that can range from mild to more serious.

In the case of psychological self-harm, on the other hand, the tendency is to always choose tortuous paths to get what you want, to give up on love, etc…

The causes of self-harm

The causes that lead a person to commit acts of self-harm can be many and always concern the will to transform psychological pain into physical pain, deemed more bearable. In some cases self-harm is also performed as a mechanism of self-punishment, especially in highly self -critical and vulnerable individuals.

Other causes can then be found in some psychological disorders such as: depression, anxiety , eating disorders or borderline personality disorder . Even the lack of self-esteem or the intake of drugs can lead the subject to inflict harm on himself.

Finally, self-harm can also result from abuse, family problems and bullying episodes. Obviously these listed are just some of the possible causes. This is a serious and complex problem which can and should be understood in depth.

How to cure self-harm

Once you recognize a self-harm problem, it is important to act on it in order to cure the problem. Obviously, the first thing to do is to trace the causes that can go from mental problems, from the need for attention or from the unconscious need to forget the traumas suffered.

Generally, the first thing to do is to contact a doctor who, after having investigated to understand the causes and seriousness of the problem, will study the appropriate therapy. This will always be psychological, with the help of a professional who will accompany the person on a course of therapy. Furthermore, in the most important forms, it can be combined with some drugs useful for inhibiting the need to harm oneself.

In extremely serious cases, the doctor may also require hospitalization . Useful to prevent the problem from degenerating into acts aimed at suicide. If you suspect that you are suffering from this problem or recognize it in others, it is therefore very important to pay attention to it and seek help immediately. Only in this way can we hope to solve it.

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