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Sheep in coat, the Sardinian recipe for a traditional peasant dish

Sheep in coat recipe

That of sheep in coat is a typical Sardinian recipe that is very simple and genuine, to be enriched with various tasty condiments.

The sheep in coat recipe has a tasty meat stew as its starting point. It is a dish of ancient origins, made with a poor recipe and belonging to the peasant tradition . This typical product has sheep meat as its main ingredient, which simply needs to be cooked.

Cooking requires an indefinite time , based on the piece of meat used: on average it ranges from a minimum of 2 hours up to 5 hours. Despite the long times, the preparation is very easy, because it is enough to flavor this product with common and genuine flavors linked to the territory.

Sheep in coat recipe
Sheep in coat recipe

Preparation of the recipe for the sheep in coat

  1. Clean and cut the meat into portions of the size you like best.
  2. Place it in a very large pot. Fill with plenty of water and put on the stove.
  3. Cook over medium-high heat and bring to a boil . At this point, remove the foam and impurities that have appeared on the surface with a slotted spoon.
  4. Wash and clean 1 onion, carrots, celery and parsley. Add all these ingredients to the pot, after having chopped the onion and parsley with a knife.
  5. Season with salt, cover and cook over low heat for at least 2 hours . The time may also increase, based on the cut of meat used. In any case, it is ready when it is soft by pricking it with a fork.
  6. When the meat is tender, peel the remaining onions and add them whole to the pot. Wash the potatoes carefully, but add them in their skins (so they don't break during cooking).
  7. Cook for another 30 minutes , adding another pinch of salt. At the end, if the potatoes are soft, you can turn off the flame. Arrange the meat and vegetables, including whole onions and potatoes (after peeling them), on plates. If you prefer, you can strain the broth and use it to wet the meat.


This dish is nothing more than a sheep stew, a traditional Sardinian recipe that is very tasty. The best advice is to eat it at the moment .

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