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Shiny nails like a lipgloss: the new beauty trend is minimal but with a natural seduction

Shiny nails

Not only fashion trends but also beauty trends veer towards the natural and essential effect: nails are trendy if they are bare

In recent fashion weeks, the essential looks have had great success and clicks: at the end of last year, one of the most downloaded was an outfit by Bottega Veneta consisting of only a tank top, jeans and it-bag. In short, fashion trends are moving towards the essential and beauty certainly does not stand by and watch, on the contrary. If last year Hailey Bieber's glazed nails were the undisputed queens of nail trends, the red thread of nude now moves towards nails with a lipgloss effect. Delicate, refined and unquestionably trendy, they certainly do not know the season: they are destined to become a possible variant of the nude trend which is now as evergreen as the French manicure.

Nail Trend 2023: the lipgloss effect, natural but precious and shiny

The motto of bare nails is less is more , which in their lipgloss variant become shiny but without going beyond the border of the shiny effect. That's why among the trends in vogue nails, this one can convince even those who don't like too flashy nails but don't give up on the original detail: lipgloss nails get rid of the chrome top coat, characteristic of glazes and conquer the hearts of those who love to see that shimmer. and I don't see.

If the wording lipgloss could lead you to think that the effect is also sticky, don't worry, because of the shimmering lipstick they only retain the soft, sensual and natural effect. In fact, the protagonist is the natural base of the nails, which is enhanced by emphasizing their transparency, to which if you are looking for an additional shiny effect you can add some glitter to suspend in the gloss instead of being applied on top. Finally the touch of the gel top coat for a more glossy finish.

How to make lip gloss effect nails

Lipgloss nails can also be easily made at home: just arm yourself with the right products, colors and mix them carefully. A bit like for the make-up base, which is essential for the success of the make-up, even to create lipgloss-effect nails you need maximum cleanliness: polish and file your nails before starting with the first base.

If your nails aren't quite at the top, adding extra layers of top coat you'll be able to get a good base to work on to make the overall semi-opaque pink harmonious effect. So after deciding how many layers you need, you can move on to the finish by adding a sheer gloss with a little sparkle or pearlescence, before the ultra-shiny gel top coat. Finally, customize as you prefer: on Instagram the #lipglossnails suggests different nails inspo: you can add stickers , glitter or light decorations to be created with a brush.

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