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Shirley Temple: the recipe for the most famous non-alcoholic cocktail in the world

Shirley temple

The Shirley Temple cocktail is perhaps the most famous non-alcoholic in the world. Let's find out the recipe and its history together.

Are you looking for a soft drink that is a guarantee at any time of the day? Then bet everything on the famous Shirley Temple cocktail. Sweet and fresh, it is simply prepared with grenadine (2 parts) and ginger ale (1 part). A curiosity: this drink bears the name of the most famous child actress in America (Shirley Temple, in fact) because it was created in her honor in the 30s .

Shirley temple
Shirley Temple

How to prepare the Shirley Temple cocktail

This cocktail should be served in a tall glass (more like a classic tumbler or a juice), either smooth or full of ice.

  1. Pour the ice into the glass.
  2. Add the grenadine.
  3. Top with ginger ale.
  4. You can garnish with a candied cherry and/or a slice of fresh lemon.

If you have difficulty finding ginger ale, you can replace it with cola : in this way you will prepare a Roy Rogers, another very famous soft drink!

The alcoholic variants of the cocktail

In addition to the basic recipe, many variations have been created over the years to meet the needs of those who wanted to add alcohol.

– We mention the Shirley Temple Black which provides for the addition of rum (the ingredients, therefore, are: grenadine, rum, soda and a splash of orange juice).
Bend Over Shirley which is prepared with raspberry vodka, grenadine and lemon soda.

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Cocktail Shirley Temple: the story

The history of this cocktail is easy to understand: it was invented for the child actress Shirley Temple. As often happens in these cases, however, there are different versions : according to someone it was born at the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Hawaii; according to others, however, it was created at the Chasen's restaurant in Beverly Hills for the very young actress who had come in for lunch during a break between filming.

Who was Shirley Temple ? Also known as Goldilocks due to her flowing hair, she was an American actress and singer. She lived between 1928 and 2014 and is considered by the American Film Institute to be one of the greatest stars in the history of cinema. And indeed it is impossible to have never heard of her or never seen her smiling little girl face. At the age of just 10, in fact, he already had over 30 films ! The success was such and so overwhelming that he retired at the age of 22 , later choosing a diplomatic career.

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